A Week(ish) in the Broken Isles

The Legion is Coming

It’s been a little more than a week since I first started getting things done on the Legion Beta. Things are looking pretty good right now. I am definitely looking forward to August 30th for the actual release. Hopefully login queues aren’t as bad as they were with Warlords. Waiting 8+ hours to log in was not fun.

I might play on a less popular realm for the first week or two. I did that in Warlords of Draenor and it really made things better.

Still, Legion is shaping up to be pretty awesome. There are a few things I wish were different but nothing that is an absolute deal breaker for me.

I read a post by @AlternativeChat, you can find it here: Legion:: Down To You

Main point? Start picking up some food, bandages and potions. Some classes will need these more than others but it never hurts to be prepared.

Artifact Quests

I remember wishing that other classes got to experience something similar to the “Green Fire” quest for the Warlocks. And while the artifact quests are nowhere near as punishing or difficult, they do pose a degree of challenge that most solo content lacks. At least, the few I have done so far do.

It seems to me that Blizzard designed these with a very specific goal. The mini boss characters seem to be designed so that players with Normal Hellfire Citadel gear are still challenged. Beyond that level of gear I would expect that it gets much easier to simply beat them into the ground.

But Blizzard also baked in a safety net for lesser geared, or lesser skilled, players. These mini boss characters do not regain health if you die. It is entirely possible to complete these quests with a low item level, though I wouldn’t recommend it. And while the bosses may be stuck with only one health bar, the other enemies are not. Take care not to over-pull.

Order Halls

I had a few concerns about the Order Halls, as I’m sure most still do. It has many similarities to the Garrison system that we have grown to dislike. But my experience has proven that similarities are not necessarily problems. It does seem as though Blizzard learned from many of the complaints about Garrisons.

There are no building plots that need to be learned and upgraded. Instead there is a simple upgrade “tree” which grants some useful bonuses, some very much like the bonuses buildings gave in Draenor. But they only cost resources, not gold.

Work orders still exist, sort of. They don’t process one item into another anymore, now they train followers in exchange for resources. And they take 30 minutes rather than 6 hours.

Now, about the mission table. Yes, it does still exist. And I know that there were a ton of videos made about this fact on YouTube. But give it a chance, it’s not the same. The biggest problem with Garrisons is that they rewarded so much for so little effort.

The Order Hall does not do that.

Most of the rewards from missions are items that increase your artifact power, that allow you to unlock more traits in your weapon. And on the surface that sounds like a huge advantage. Until you consider that these missions require resources, and there is no passive source of resources. If you want to complete missions on a character you have to play that character.

End Game Content

I am still only level 105 so I haven’t been able to experience anything at this level yet. What I hear about Mythic+ Dungeons sounds promising, it reminds me of the Nightfall Strikes of another Activision game, Destiny. I’m very curious to see how the community receives them.

For now though, I need to keep getting quests done. And once I get to the point where I can actually access things like World Quests, Heroic Dungeons and maybe even step inside of a raid or too, I will be sure to write a little bit about it. Without spoilers, of course.

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