Alchemy in Legion

Alchemy in Legion

Looking at Alchemy in Legion:

The tweaks to Alchemy in Legion don’t change it too much from the way it operated in Warlords. The biggest change is the sheer variety of possible transmutations. As a huge fan of transmutations, I am very glad with this change.


Crafts can be separated into three main categories:

  • Potions
  • Flasks
  • Transmutations.

All crafts, at rank 1, will require the Alchemist be near a Dalaran Alchemy Station.

The perks granted by the increased ranks are all virtually identical. At rank 2 you will no longer need to be near a Dalaran Alchemy Station. At rank 3 you will have a chance of creating multiple extra copies of the item you are crafting.

Every potion and flask recipe has this system. Wild Transmutation had the same perks but it also reduces the crafting materials required, once at rank 2 and again at rank 3. No other transmutation currently has a rank system at all and they are learned by discovering when creating items with Wild Transmutation.


I find it interesting that there is no combat potion to increase strength, agility or intellect. It is possible that they just haven’t been added yet but that is unlikely. Instead they have the Potion of Deadly Grace (ranged dps) and the Potion of the Old War (melee dps).

We get some cool utility potions, Avalanche Elixir causes you to deal damage to all nearby enemies when falling from a great height, Skaggldrynk turns you invisible for up to 18 seconds and Skystep Potion lets you move faster and levitate for 8 seconds.

The other potion I want to mention is the Sylvan Elixir. It seems to be similar to the tents that tailors could create in Warlords. I have not found any source which mentions whether it can be used inside of an instance though I would expect not.

Combat Potions
Ancient Healing Potion

Ancient Mana Potion

Ancient Rejuvenation Potion

Leytorrent Potion

Potion of Deadly Grace

Potion of the Old War

Unbending Potion

Utility Potions
 Avalanche Elixir

Draught of Raw Magic


Skystep Potion

Sylvan Elixir


We see the return of cauldrons in Legion. Crafting a cauldron requires five of each flask and is BoA, which is interesting. They will be useful in any raid team that has more than 20 members but virtually useless outside of that. The fact that they can’t be sold is a little disappointing too.

We also have the usual flasks, one for each primary stat. Flask of Ten Thousand Scars for the Tanks, Flask of the Countless Armies for Strength DPS classes, Flask of the Seventh Demon for Agility DPS classes and Flask of the Whispered Pact for Healers and Intellect DPS classes.

Flask of Ten Thousand Scars

Flask of the Countless Armies

Flask of the Seventh Demon

Flask of the Whispered Pact

Spirit Cauldron


I am very interested in the transmutations this expansion. I have always been a big fan and was very disappointed with transmutation in Warlords. Legion is much, much better.

I would split transmutations into two groups.

The first group is a simple cycle. Ore >>> Cloth >>> Leather >>> Ore. You can also create Herbs from either of the other three. This does NOT work in reverse, the is no recipe to transmute herbs into anything.

The second group is just a crazy mess of things. Turning fish into gems and meat into pants, it almost sounds more like a magic show. Alchemists will even be able to create Blood of Sargeras, though with it being BoP I don’t really see much use for it.

I don’t know if any of these share a cooldown with each other or previous expansion transmutations. I’m trying to find out and I will update once I have an answer.

Group 1 Transmutations
Transmute: Cloth to Herbs (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Cloth to Skin (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Ore to Cloth (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Ore to Herbs (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Skin to Herbs (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Skin to Ore (1 day cooldown)

Group 2 Transmutations
Wild Transmutation (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Blood of Sargeras (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Met to Pet (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Fish to Gems (1 day cooldown)

Transmute: Meat to Pants (1 day cooldown)

Now this one is a little confusing to me. Alchemists can create a trinket as usual, and as usual it is BoP. But the rank 3 perk for this stone is that it has a chance to create multiple stones.

This just strikes me as really odd. And useless. I hope it’s a placeholder for something else or there is some way to “unbind” these stones through upgrades, the way we could in Warlords.

Infernal Alchemist Stone


  • Will you need to have a “specialty” in order to get the increased ranks? or will you be able to get increased ranks in all three branches without specializing?

  • The specializations have no effect on the Legion recipes. You can reach rank 3 in every single one, so long as you get the quests and reputations required by them.

    The specializations will still apply to the older recipes but nothing in Legion.

  • Thanks for the reply! Just found your website via Reddit WoW Economy, really solid stuff here. I like it!

  • I’m glad you find it helpful. I was really surprised to find a link to my site there the other day, I visit /r/woweconomy a few times a day to see what’s going on. More information is always welcome after all 🙂

  • Any idea on the number of Ancient Healing Potion Rank 2 that are needed to discover Rank 3? I have made many and no success. Thanks

  • Sorry for taking so long, it’s been a busy couple of days here.

    Some of the recipes are a bit tricky to find. But the Ancient Healing Potion can be bought from Patricia Egan, in the Alchemy shop in Dalaran. If there are any requirements other than learning “Legion Alchemy” from the short intro quest I had already done them before, she had the recipe as soon as I checked.

  • Not sure if it has been said because I didn’t read all the comments, but proctoring extra trinkets is basically free ablator a not sure if it has been said because I didn’t read all the comments, but proctoring extra trinkets is basically free Obliterium. So this is a very good thing, because depending on prices on your server, it can be very very lucrative

  • Do you have any math on it? I would be interested to see just how good it could be. How much ash do you get on average for each, and how many do you get when it procs?

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