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I know, I haven’t posted much in a while. I’ve been busy lately, I apologize. I just drank a full 24oz Monster and I have my favorite playist on YouTube going. I have a good spot in my work done and I realized I needed to make a quick post here.

Some of you may have heard on Twitter but I am going to announce it here now: I am working with The Gold Queen (@TheGoldQueen on Twitter, aka TGQ) on her big project Legion Gold. If you want to look into it you should be aware that it is currently in development and is only available to those who are supporting TGQ on Patreon.

Silvermoon FAIL

The path I was walking on literally disappeared under my feet. So glad I didn’t fall to my death!

I have also been spending a lot of time running around on my new Demon Hunter. Maybe the novelty will wear off but I have been really enjoying it. I have been trying to reach the highest point possible in Silvermoon City, despite a few… setbacks.

I am also trying to come up with a rock solid game plan for Legion. I that know I will be rearranging professions a bit. I just haven’t decided how yet. I plan to have 4 “primary crafters” that I will level first. Each crafter will have a “heavy blood” profession and a “light blood” profession. My plan looks roughly like this:

  1. Mage – Jewelcrafting (heavy) and Enchanting (light)
  2. Warlock – Tailoring (heavy) and Inscription (light)
  3. Druid – Leatherworking (heavy) and Alchemy (light)
  4. Death Knight – Blacksmithing (heavy) and Engineering (light)

I feel like this will give me a good variety in Legion. I should be able to easily level one character a week. Faster, if I push myself, but I will probably have to put my time elsewhere.

You might notice a distinct lack of gathering professions here. That is because I don’t plan on gathering anything in Legion. I plan on using a combination of heroic dungeons, fishing while waiting for dungeons, and Boon of the Bloodhunter to supply me with the Blood I will need.

My other characters will be unchanged, at least for now. And it will be quite some time to before I get around to leveling them.

I’ve also been getting incredible traffic lately, mostly from people trying to figure out which professions they should be choosing for Legion. Because of this I am working on updating my previous post about it and hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

And finally, a bit of gold making advice. IF you have the gold to spare start buying Pocket Fel Spreader NOW! Prices are at their lowest. This toy will be removed once Legion is released and prices will slowly start to rise.

Pocket Fel Spreaders

I have bought over 100 of them so far, more than 500,000g of them. Finger’s crossed that Blizzard doesn’t add another way to get them in the future!


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