Choosing Professions for Legion

UPDATE: 08/22/2016

Wowhead has released a detailed guide for each profession. It is definitely worth a read.

Before I get into anything, I want to say one thing. I will only be talking about PRIMARY PROFESSIONS and how they will do during the BEGINNING of the expansion. Any and every character can have max Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid and Fishing. The only choice required by these is whether or not you want to learn them.

There is one very important thing to take note of, because many professions require it to make most of the better crafts. The new crafting material, Blood of Sargeras, is BoP.

Blood of Sargeras

Updates as of 18 June 2016: Blood of Sargeras is going to be a reward from the end bosses of dungeons. It will also be found while fishing if using the Underlight Angler that has been upgraded. And it can be found when disenchanting any rare or epic gear from Legion.

Needed to craft almost 200 different items so far, Blood of Sargeras is going to be in high demand during Legion. But it is bound to the character that picks it up. This is an interesting situation. Rather than go into too much detail about it here I will provide a link where I have given my thoughts about it on /r/woweconomy.

There are also two great articles so far by The Gold Queen. You can read the first one here and the second here.

Early Expansion Gold Rush

It is very beneficial to plan out which professions to have on the first few characters that you level. This choice will set the pace of your ability to make gold at the single most profitable time of any expansion, the beginning.

I should mention why this is. There are two big reasons.

The first is that these items are going to be new. The first person to put something on the Auction House is going to do it very quickly and the price is going to be insanely high. And people will buy them, because supply for these items is going to be insanely low. People will be leveling professions, they will need these items. And so they will pay these prices.

The second reason has to do with raiding guilds. Many of the top end raiding guilds start selling clears of the raid once they have finished gearing up through it. Using a current example, there are a few guilds who are selling a full clear of Hellfire Citadel on Mythic for 1.3 million gold. These guilds will have plenty of gold to spend. And they will spend it on anything that will give them an edge on clearing the new raid first.

These two points will work together to keep prices very high for a while. This will last until the general population of the server starts supplying these items at an increased rate. It’s a perfect example of supply and demand causing prices to change over a period of time.

Joining The Gold Rush

I watch the show Shark Tank. I would strongly recommend this show to anyone who wants to start making lots of gold. I credit this show for much of my success in WoW, it is definitely worth a look. The reason I mention it is simple. There is a question that is sometimes asked to the people that are looking for an investment.

Q: Who got rich during the California gold rush?
A: The people who sold shovels.

Yes, some people did find gold and end up very, very rich. But that is a risk. You need to decide which part of the gold rush you want to be part of.

Do you want to gather herbs, leather and ore and sell them at a high price on the AH? Do you want to sell the shovels?

Or do you want to buy the herbs and ore and try to sell the crafts that you can make from them? Do you want to buy the shovel and try for a bigger payoff?

You could even do both. The choice is yours.

Gathering Professions (Shovels)


Crafting Professions (Gold)



Mixed Professions (Shovels and Gold)



  • I love the shovel analogy. Thank you

  • You’re very welcome. I thought it was a good way to explain the risk/reward for the professions in a way that would be easy to understand.

  • I am a DH that wants to go either Herb/Inscription or LW/skinner. Which would you recommend the most?

  • It’s tough to say, each server is different. I would personally take Herb/Inscription. Inscription was a rare profession to begin with. The change to glyphs will drive many people away from it before Legion is even released. And then, once it is, there will be fewer people around to sell the Darkmoon Cards (which will sell very well early in the expansion) the “Talent Tomes” (which every raider is going to need) and the Vantus Runes (which every raider is going to want).

    On the other hand, LW/Skinning is the most commonly suggest profession combination for Legion. Skinning is the best known way to get Blood of Sargeras and the new class wears Leather. There will be many, many people competing for gear sales. This will be made easier with the removal of the crafted gear limit but it will still be a very crowded market. Plus there is no way to reroll the stats on gear, so you could end up with a bunch of stuff nobody wants to buy.

  • I’m switching mains and am trying to pick two primary professions…it’s a mage so my initial thought was tailoring. What profession should I pair with it?

  • Enchanting is probably your best option. You will need the new dust, Arkhana, in order to make Imbued Silkweave. Imbued Silkweave is needed to make the really good armor.

  • Any ideas if tailoring is going to pay out via crafted gear/how long of a cd do you have for said cloth to make crafted gear? I’m running a tailor/chanter now but i’m looking at switching to herbs/alch for legion as it seems like tailoring is getting shafted a little this exp

  • The only CD in Legion is with Alchemy, so that isn’t going to be an issue for you. The real limiting factor with crafting this expansion is how quickly you can get Blood of Sargeras (BoS).

    Tailoring should still be able to make good sales from crafter gear, but the gear worth crafting will need BoS. Enchanting is not a good way to get BoS, so you will have to either take up fishing or run dungeons constantly if you want to do lots of crafting. The amount of BoS you get from the World Quests will just not be enough to do any serious crafting.

    On the other hand, Alchemy has almost no use for BoS and Herbalism will let you get lots of extra BoS. You can use that extra BoS to create Obliterum Ash, which can be combined to create Obliterum. And Obliterum can be sold on the AH.

    What it really comes down to is: do you want to spend lots of time doing dungeons (tailor/chanter) and sell crafted armor or spend lots of time picking your own herbs (alch/herbs) and sell pots and Obliterum?

  • I am returning after WotLK, and also shifting to a new server. With the Legion pre-purchase I have a free 100lvl boost (60-100, for free prof upgrade) which I will use for my priest. Please suggest the best prof for this priest (I was considering Eng because it is rare and cool and also very diff to max).

    I am really confused about the prof and would really appreciate any help you can provide!!

  • So, silly me, I accidentally closed the window before I finished typing. Oops. Let me try this again.

    I love Engineering. It is definitely the most fun profession. The real question is: what is your goal? Engineering is amazing for raiders or anyone planning to take on the new Mythic+ dungeons that Legion will have. And it does have some options when it comes to making gold, but I would not suggest trying to earn gold from only one Engineer.

    However, if you are able to spend some time Mining you can easily end up with enough Blood of Sargeras to be able to create and sell Obliterum while also collecting the items you will need for your Engineering. And as an added bonus you can sell the Ore while you are leveling up, it will be very expensive for the first week or so of Legion.

    I have an overview covering what is new for Engineering in Legion you might want to look at.

    Also, I don’t know if you are aware yet, but there is no need to level professions with older content anymore. You can choose to buy the materials from Warlords of Draenor and level your professions to 700 before Legion is released OR you can level the “old way” up to level 600 OR you can just wait and level from 1 to 800 with the materials in Legion.

  • I was thinking i’ll buy a WoW token once every 2-3 months to keep the gold handy and play the game for fun instead of farming all the time. Would that be enough gold to enjoy the game? what other prof combos do you suggest for my priest? I’m already 60 and waiting for your reply to choose the prof!

  • Also, taking 2 ‘gold’ profs can’t work right? how about Engineering-Inscription/Enchanting? I’m currently open to all suggestions, so please suggest any combo you feel is right.

    and so sorry to be bothering you so much. and thank you for your time. :))

  • Oh damn, I’m sorry. My email notifications just aren’t working right. I feel bad for keeping you waiting. 🙁

    If you haven’t used the boost yet, keep reading.

    One of the things I love about Engineering is the Sky Golem. You can make one a month, they sell very easily, and they usually bring in about 15,000g in profit if you bought your materials. If you play on US you will easily be able to afford a WoW Token every 2-3 months from that alone. That won’t be enough if you play on EU though.

    Engineering really doesn’t match up well with anything other than Mining. But if you want to do dungeons or world quests and not run around gathering ore you will probably want a different option. Inscription is in an odd place right now, and I wouldn’t recommend it on your only character. I think going with Enchanting is probably going to be your best bet.

    Disenchant any gear you don’t need. Then create enchants to sell on the AH, or even just sell off everything to keep it simple. It won’t make millions and millions of gold but it should easily be more than enough to afford the basics. If you want to go further, and buy the more expensive items, well that’s another story.

  • Today or tomorrow I’m looking to boost my mage but I’m not really sure what to go for prof wise. Atm the only 700’s I have are Tailor/Enchant. I’ve been thinking about doing something like JC/X or Scribe/X any chance you could give me a hand with deciding what to pick( never really got into profs in the past).

  • If you have enough time to spend gathering and would rather not spend gold it is probably best to go with JC / Mining. Jewelcrafting will need a ton of ore because the drop rate of rare gems from prospecting is fairly low.

    If you would rather save time and spend gold I would highly suggest JC / Scribe. It will be a fairly steep cost, buying all the ore and herbs that you will need, but it will be much faster than gathering yourself.

    The lack of a gathering profession does mean that you will need other methods to obtain Blood of Sargeras. Running heroic dungeons with the applied to your shoulders is, reportedly, a great alternative to gathering professions.

  • Thanks for the quick response, just wondering Herb/scribe go together right? and would you say that JC/Mining would still be a better overall option(as someone who is not really looking to change profs after x time into the xpac). Not really attached to any prof just looking for something decent all around.

  • Yes, Herb would go well with Scribe. And yes, I expect JC/Mining would be the better option overall. Even if you don’t want to craft anything you can still sell the uncut gems at a good price.

  • hey flasteria. im having a hard time chosing my profs atm. i have atleast 2 chars i will be playing for legion. maybe even 3 but im not sure how to sort profs out. on my main Mage i currently have engineering and JC, on shaman i have scribe and Herb. and my priest i have tailoring and mining. im not sure if i should change things around. im concerned about me getting enough BoS on my main to create stuff for myself. my main idea is to use my main char to create stuff thats usefull for me while raiding while having the two others to gather and ideally be crafting stuff for my main first and then for making gold afterwards. you have any input regarding how the best setup would be? im not even sure if engeering/JC are the two best viable options for raiding.

  • Hello Michael!

    Your professions will work very well.

    Your main will probably be doing Heroic Dungeons to gear up for raids. You should end up with a fair amount of BoS from doing this. Jewelcrafting will need a ton of BoS but Engineering should not. You should be able to manage your BoS supply well, especially if you get the shoulder enchant from the Wardens faction asap.

    I do want to point out that cutting any rare gem will require 1 BoS. Creating the epic gem will also require 1 BoS but it can be cut without any. Rings do not require any BoS but the Necklaces do. If you have excess ore you can create Rings with the intent to Obliterate them. More on this in a bit.

    I’m going to skip to your Priest for a sec. Mining will bring in enough ore for your main to create things as well as some BoS for your priest. Between your three characters you should have a fair amount of cloth as well. The cloth, plus the BoS, will allow you to create whatever piece of gear you need to fill in your main. Any pieces you don’t want can be sent to your Shaman to be obliterated.

    Your Shaman is also in a good spot and the character I would use for obliterating things. Herbalism will provide you with everything you need to create items through Inscription. I want to point out the fact that Inscription has little use for BoS but requires a massive amount of pigment (not ink, just pigments) to make just about everything. You can use the extra BoS to obliterate any gear your priest or mage make that you don’t want to use.

    All crafted gear has a chance to be created with 1 of 10 stat modifiers, chosen at random. And there is no item to re-roll stats in Legion like there was in Warlords (side note: I expect this will change a short while into Legion because of complaints, but don’t plan on it) so you will end up with items that are less than ideal for your spec. Send these items to your Shaman, obliterate them into Obliterum Ash, turn that into Obliterum. Then either send it to your Mage, to upgrade gear, or sell it on the AH.

  • Thanks for the reply!
    thats some great insight since im not able to try beta on my own.

    sounds like my plan will be pretty decent then. my biggest concern however is how much time i might have to put into my priest for example, in order to get enough BoS etc to create cloth for my main. im not sure how much time is required? but putting tailor on my main seems bad aswell since i dont see any nice benefits PvE wise during raids if you get what i mean? but i dont know how your take on this is? my main idea is just to gear up. gold comes next in line. i am pretty stacked with gold atm, so its not a priority, but will be as soon as i collected all the craftables for my main.

  • just came to thought. having like mining/herb on ex. priest should be better since i will only have one “farming” char and have my crafting proffs on the two other i guess? should save me some time regarding farming, but im still not sure how much effort i have to put into farming. i guess gearing in dungs etc will take lots of time the first weeks. but you might have some more insight as metioned in my previous post regarding this?

    And sorry for the spam 😀

  • I should mention that running heroic dungeons with the shoulder enchant from the Warden’s is a viable way of getting BoS. You could spend some time running a few dungeons on whichever character needs the BoS more. The further into the expansion we get the better this will be, I guarantee there will be well geared tanks running dungeons at lightning speed to get BoS faster.

    The benefit of having Mining/Herb on one character is you can gather both while you move around the world. It will be especially useful while leveling. It’s more efficient than having to do your routes on two different characters. If you have Mining/Herb on the same character you will have no outlet for BoS except obliterating items. It takes 1 BoS to destroy an item at the Obliterum Forge. This is the only way (currently, Blizzard may add a vendor of some sort) to make use of BoS to support your main on a character with dual gathering.

    The other character would then have Tailoring and Inscription. You can get the BoS to make the armor by running dungeons, probably as a healing spec for better queue times. If this is the case I have a suggestion. Pick a DPS artifact at level 100. Use this while leveling. Do not use any items that increase the artifact power (AP) of it, just put them in your bank. When you reach level 102 do the quest for a Healing artifact. Use any and all AP items on the healing artifact, but use the DPS one when leveling. That way, when you hit 110, you will have a powered healing artifact ready to go.

  • okay cool.
    So you’re advice would be to stick with having mining/tailoring on one and herb/scribe on another to maximize the BoS potential? If so then i’d just have to spend the time on all 3 chars since the crafted gear is so bis before raid. Perhaps changing JC on my main to one of the alts and put tailoring onto my main would be a better solution since i after all will be spending most time on this one. then i case i get excessive BoS on my alt i could swap tailor to one of them for the last pieces? what im most uncertain about is who should have which professions for me to maximize my gear on my main the best meanwhile still not wasting ton of BoS etc. (sorry for being dumb, asking all these stupid questions ;D) who would you 100% ideally put profs on the chars for the best potential?

  • Here is what I would do. Keep in mind that my decision would be based on being able to buy ore and herbs as often as needed. I don’t know how comfortable you are with buying materials. I also need to mention, crafted gear starts at 815. Obliterum increases it by 5, to a maximum of 850. Any gear you craft MUST be upgraded to be viable.

    Mage – Engi / JC – Do heroic/mythic dungeons for BoS and to gear for raids
    Shaman – Insc / Tail – Do heroic dungeons for BoS and cloth

    I would focus on these two only, at least at first. It should be easy enough to get two characters to level 110 and geared enough to do heroic dungeons. The dungeons with the enchant will bring in the needed BoS for your crafting. Dungeons on your Shaman should also provide a decent amount of cloth.

    Also, level fishing. It will be a slow process but there is an artifact fishing pole, The Underlight Angler. When upgraded it allows you to catch BoS while fishing. It’s not the funnest thing in the world, but it may be a good supplement to your BoS if you are waiting for a dungeon queue and have nothing better to do.

    If you don’t want to buy your materials and would rather gather them yourself then you will have to spend time on all three characters, there is no getting around that. But I think it would be best to have Mining / Herb on one character. Suppose a miner can gather 800 ore in an hour and an herbalist can gather 800 herbs in an hour. A character with both could gather 500 – 600 of both in the same time period.

    And if you do want to gather, look into these items:
    Leystone Hoofplates
    Demonsteel Stirrups
    Stonehide Leather Barding
    They will make your life much easier when gathering.

  • Cool thanks man!
    Exactly what i needed right there. i have no problems buying stuff for gearing etc. ive stockpiled alot of gold for that. So ill focus on the 2 for the first time. then i can start farming herb/nodes later to make som gold. Also i’ve prepared to lvl fishing aswell so its should be no problem then!

    Thanks again for the great insight!

  • You’re welcome, glad I could help!

  • Dear Flasteria

    I recently returned to WOW after Cata. So i dont know much about anything. The only reason i returned is because of the twist in the story line. I had a Mage as main and druid tank/healer and an alt. Now i was thinking about changing mains to tank (DK). I am thinking about going with Mining / BS (for the free boost). i have enchant / inscription on mage and (skinning / LW) on druid. P.S i have mining / herb on the Demon hunter.

    I am not very sure whether to go BS/Mining or Mining / Skining on DK.

    I am also thinking about changing mage to enchant / tailoring.

    Kindly suggest.

  • Hey Flasteria!

    I just switched to vengeance DH from my monk. I really enjoy the mechanics of the class. I’m stuck between alchemy/herb or inscription/herb.

    I’ve always had alchemy on my older characters in the past. I want to choose a profession that won’t go old after the first few months. Something that can make gold as well.

    I was thinking of inscription but I’m reading a lot of bad things about it so I’m stuck.

  • Hey,

    I recently (yesterday) returned to WoW.

    I started on a new server with nothing really available to me apart from around 1000 gold on a toon I played to level 100 in WOD a year back. I did nothing else on this guy. So I have no stored up mats or anything. Just the 1000 gold to get my riding and flying skills and some bags.

    Returning tot WoW is going to be casual as I won’t have much time available (Becoming a father in 4 weeks).
    I want to do questing and maybe some casual raiding when I have the time. I will not be rushing to 110 from 100 but rather looking to do loads of quests and reps.

    I created a mage and I’m leveling him on invasions. I am now looking for professions to pursue into legion.
    I was thinking for 2 gathering skills to start out and maybe later switch to some crafting skill.

    What would you recommend?

  • Apologies in advance for the wall of text. My theme doesn’t allow me to respond to individual comments, or at least I haven’t figured it out, so I just have to post all at once. Also wowhead is currently having some site issues, if the links do not work for you please try again in a few hours. If you really want to know ASAP just comment back and I will give what details I can, but I’d prefer this be as short as possible. It’s already going to be very long.


    It would be best to have a Blacksmith so that you can craft gear for yourself and not have to worry about buying it. Mining and running dungeons as a Tank should easily supply you will all the Blood of Sargeras that your DK might need. Added bonus, if you are raiding, there is a BS mount. As far as I can tell the mount pattern drops off a raid boss. If you can get your hands on that early you can make some massive sales.

    For the mage, it depends on whether you want to earn gold or support your main. If your goal is to make gold then Enchant / Tailoring is definitely the better option. If you would prefer to be able to support your main I would suggest Enchant / Inscription. You haven’t played since Cata, Talents are very different than they once were. They can also only be changed within a “rested” area, unless you have a special consumable. This is why I recommend Inscription. I don’t know if you are aware yet but you should look at these two items:

    The Druid should be ok as is. Your best bet there, if you play often, is to sell crafted 815 gear. Skinning inside of dungeons, as a Tank or Healer, will give you plenty of Blood of Sargeras to work with. There is an item that you can get that allows ranged, AoE skinning. Just use that and run dungeons that have lots of skinnable mobs.

    As for the Demon Hunter, you can use this as your source of Obliterum. Send any BS, LW or Tailoring gear that you won’t use and can’t sell to the DH. Take that gear to the Obliterum Forge and destroy it for Obliterum Ash. Then turn that ash into Obliterum and sent it to your DK. For more info read the post by The Gold Queen below.

    And if you do want to gather with mining or herbalism on any characters, look into these items:
    Leystone Hoofplates
    Demonsteel Stirrups
    Stonehide Leather Barding
    They will make your life much easier when gathering.

    DK – Mining / Blacksmith
    Mage – Enchant / Inscription (or Tailoring)
    Druid – Skinning / Leatherworking
    DH – Herb / Mining


    I am really unsure how Inscription will work this expansion. It has some very valuable items, no doubt. And it will be beneficial to be able to create your own Tome / Codex of the Tranquil Mind and Vantus Runes. But I just don’t know how valuable these will actually be. If the glyph market of the past is any indication, Inscription will be a very tough market.

    On the other hand, the fact that many people are questioning how good Inscription will be could be an indicator that many people are leaving the profession behind, which will open up opportunity for some nice sales. I also should note that Darkmoon Cards will sell, and for a great price, in the early weeks of the expansion. It may be worth taking Inscription and switching later for this reason alone.

    The benefits of both Alchemy and Inscription are that they have very little requirement for Blood of Sargeras. You can focus on gearing up your character and simply buy what you need on the Auction House. This will allow your DH main to gain a large supply of BoS while gearing up through dungeons (I’m assuming PVE here, correct me if not) that you will not have any real use to craft with.

    You can use all that BoS to obliterate crafted gear (side note: it is supposed to allow some flasks and things to be obliterated too according to the development team but I have no data on that) to create your own Obliterum and use that to upgrade your items. Or, if you prefer, Obliterum can be sold.


    Congrats on your first! I understand having to cut back time, I took a three year break when my first was born. And I have scaled back considerably since my third was born last year.

    Because you are starting with a limited amount of gold I have two suggestions for you. I’m also assuming you would prefer to play the new character, rather than the 100. If not please correct me.

    First, gathering professions are absolutely the best option for you right now, if you have the time to spare. They require such a little investment that you can easily afford to level them. Learn the professions now, I would suggest Herbalism and Mining. If you can manage to get the Mage to 100 before, or shortly after Legion is released, you can take advantage of the insanely high prices that herbs and ore will go for in the early weeks.

    Second, if you have the spare time, try and run some Cata raids on 25H on your 100. You will need the achievement for completing it on normal first, if you don’t have that it is very easy to clear the raids on 10N, even without high level gear. If you have trouble with 25H you can get some high level gear doing a few quests in the Broken Isles that will make it extremely easy.

    Definitely prioritize gathering professions over the raids. They will pay off much better than a few thousand gold in the long run.

    Once you have saved up enough gold to feel comfortable, and are considering dropping one gathering profession for a crafting one, you will need to figure out which profession suits your schedule and needs best. When you get to that point please either leave a comment anywhere on my website, or you can reach with the contact methods on the bottom of this page:

    There is just too much to explain and this comment is already massive, I’d prefer to talk about it in another channel.

    Hopefully my answers will give you some insight. If you need to know anything else feel free to leave another comment, or contact me through one of the methods in the link above. Cheers!

  • This has been a fantastic resource, thank you for putting the time in to write all this up. As a follow up question, currently I’m Enchanting/Alchemy but I feel like I should be dropping Alchemy and going with one of the gathering profs. I dont believe Mining or Herbalism goes with Enchanting though but I’m extremely poor in game and figure it might make the most sense to go that route for AH selling alone. Any suggestions? 🙂

  • You’re welcome JP.

    Enchanting really functions as it’s own gathering profession. You can put it with anything and do well.

    In the beginning of the expansion Mining and Herbalism will both be really good. If I had to choose I would go with Mining. Ore is usually more valuable than Herbs and with the return of prospecting, and the addition of mass prospecting, people will be buying Ore like crazy to look for gems.

  • Hey, i’m playing a shadow priest at the moment and I was thinking about going alch/tailoring. I have the gold to buy the herbs and finding cloth. Would that be profitable?

  • Hey, i’m leveling a shadow priest and I was curious about my profession choices. If I were to level herbalism/tailoring, would it be beneficial? That’s including me buying the herbs to make potions/transmute.

  • It can definitely be beneficial for you.

    With Tailoring, you should be able to make some decent gold selling the new 24 slot bag. The real gold would come from selling 815 gear, more specifically the cloaks. Tailors are the only profession able to make cloaks this expansion, unlike WoD where Leatherworking could as well. I suspect cloaks will be the best item to sell. You will need to do dungeons to get your Blood of Sargeras, but if you are only playing one character it should not be an issue.

    Alchemy can be a little tricky. The cost of potions and flasks will be very good early in the expansion, you can sell more than enough to cover the cost of buying herbs. The problem will come in once the supply of herbs starts to increase. There will be players on your realm making deals with Herbalists to buy a massive supply of herbs at a low cost. If you cannot make such a deal you may find yourself unable to compete with Alchemy.

    Even if Alchemy stops bringing in gold though, Tailoring will do well. And any flask used by an Alchemist will last twice as long, this be helpful if you are interested in doing raids or mythic+ dungeons.

  • Awesome, yeah, I am doing mythic dungeons and raiding so this will be great. Also, my alt is an herbalist as well, so this is not going to be that bad. If I were to drop my DK’s other profession what should I pick up next to herbalism? Mining?

  • It depends. You don’t have a profession that can make use of any ore, so it might actually be better to pick up Inscription. Being able to create your own Vantus Runes and the talent change items would help reduce the cost of raiding. Another advantage to Inscription is that the Darkmoon Deck trinkets will sell extremely well in the early weeks of the expansion, plus you can create one for your own use.

  • This seems to be one of, if not THE, best threads about legion professions I’ve seen this far. Amazing answers!

    Now for my own issue: I cannot make up my mind on what to pair with enchanting on my DH. I feel like enchanting will be a reliable source of gold income, as well as being very useful throughout the expansion. What do you think will be a good choice for the second profession? I will most likely be running dungeons and raids somewhat frequently, so hopefully I can harvest some BoS every now and then.

  • Thank you, I really appreciate that!

    My goal is to use Enchanting and Jewelcrafting on my main. The reasoning for this is simple, JC requires more BoS than any other crafting profession and Enchanting can create BoS without the need to do anything that you won’t be doing anyway. JC is looking to be a very expensive profession and being able to create things yourself would be very beneficial.

    Another good option is Alchemy. Alchemy can generate some BoS as well, though it is hidden behind daily cooldowns and RNG. Choosing Alchemy over JC will mean your BoS input will far exceed your output, this will make it very easy for you to use as much Obliterum as you would need, which will allow you to upgrade your crafted gear very easily. Plus any Flask used by an Alchemist lasts for 2 hours, not just one. Minor perk but it is useful when raiding.

    These are my top suggestions. Anything else can work, but I expect these would be the best.

  • Hello.

    I’m gonna main Mage for Legion with Shaman as my alt.I am having a hard time choosing what proffesion to pick. I’m very low on gold so what would you suggest me picking? I plan to spam heroic dungeons on both characters to gear them up for raiding.

  • Hello..I cant decide what to pick for profession. I will main a mage and have my shaman as alt character. I will be spamming heroic dungeons and all that to get both geared up for mythic raiding. I’m very low on gold sadly.. so I dont wanna be put in a situation I where I have to buy alot of stuffs on AH, since that I cannot afford im pretty sure 🙁

  • Any thoughts on a good set of profs for my Druid that I plan to main in Legion? I already have: Priest — herb/tailor; Rogue — Alch/Engi; Warrior — Mining/JC. I also have a DH that I will use for filler profs after I figure out my Druid profs.

  • Hi,
    Great information and help. Stumbled across the website for the first time but bookmarked now! I have a paladin main for Legion with Alchemy/JC and a monk alt with Enchanting/Engineering.

    Was thinking of dropping either alch or JC on paladin for the respective gathering prof. I’m leaning towards picking up mining with JC. What do you think?


  • @Lepre (also Leprechaun?)

    Being short on gold, your best option is to pick professions that don’t require you to buy things. If you are planning to do dungeons on both characters, and have them both set up for raiding, it might be useful for you to have Enchanting on both. You can focus on getting the ranks on just one character, and feed all the materials to that one.

    I would also suggest that you pick up a gathering profession to use while leveling. If your goal is to sell everything you pick up I would highly recommend Mining. Generally speaking, Ore is more valuable than Leather or Herbs.

    Once you reach 110 you then need to decide what other professions would be helpful for you. If you will be raiding you will need gems, and gems are very likely going to be very expensive in Legion. It would be very beneficial to pick JC on one of your characters.

    As for the other character, I think your best option will be to keep Mining. If you get to a point where gold is not a problem anymore I would change Mining out for either Inscription (Darkmoon Trinkets) or Alchemy (Flasks, Daily Transmutes) to help reduce the cost of your raids. But at first I would certainly stick with Mining, to make JC much less expensive.

    Mage – Enchanting / Mining >>> Enchanting / Jewelcrafting

    Shaman – Enchanting / Mining >>> Enchanting / Mining


    You’ve got most professions covered already.

    Because you don’t have it yet, I will always suggest Enchanting for a main. The simple reason is that a main character usually does more dungeons, more raids and has more gear pass through their inventory. Being able to disenchant that gear instead of vendor it will be very useful.

    I would also suggest Inscription. It will be to your benefit to be able to create your own “talent tomes” and Vantus Runes.

    And because both Enchanting and Inscription have little use for Blood of Sargeras you will have plenty to spend upgrading whatever crafted gear you have with Obliterum.

    As for your DH, there are three professions left that have not been taken by another character yet: Skinning, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. Of these three the best pair is Skinning and Leatherworking. If you plan to do any serious skinning this item will be a huge help for you.

    Druid – Enchanting / Inscription
    DH – Skinning / Leatherworking


    Glad to hear it! Hopefully I’m able to help you out.

    So my answer depends on one thing: would you rather spend time gathering items or spend gold buying items?

    If your preference is to gather than I would absolutely recommend the combination of Mining / Jewelcrafting. I mentioned above, I really expect JC to be an expensive profession this expansion. Being able to make it yourself will be very beneficial, and you can always make extra to sell.

    However, if you would prefer to buy items and save some time, then you would do well to keep Alchemy / Jewelcrafting. Alchemy is able to create a small amount of Blood of Sargeras and requires only 1 for only a single recipe:

  • I know it is a bit spammy here right now, but I just wanted to follow up on your answer (great as usual).
    There are some who suggests that Tailoring would be an even better alternative, and stating that jewelcrafting will be as useless in legion as it was in WoD. What do you think of this?

  • I would disagree. But I would highly suggest getting input from others, especially differing ideas, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

    Here is my stance on it.

    Gems will be harder to come by than they were in WoD. And I’m actually counting on this fact to drive a lot of competition out of the market, because they won’t want to deal with it.

    I am also taking into account the fact that, for some classes, the class specific necklaces that JC is able to create are BiS. These necklaces are going to be very important to raiders. Now I’m no theory crafter, but at a glance the Priest, Warrior and Druid (if a raid counts as “outdoors”) all look incredibly useful for raiding. Many others would likely be very beneficial as well.

    And then, these necklaces all have a guaranteed gem slot. So for every necklace you sell you also create a customer who now needs a gem.

  • Even inscription seems to be a valid pick for gold making, due to the insc-trinkets

  • Absolutely. Inscription trinkets have a history of doing extremely well in the beginning on an expansion. My only concern is that Inscription may not have much longevity in this expansion. Once people have access to raid trinkets the demand for these will drop, and I don’t know if Inscription will be able to make up that loss elsewhere.

  • Damn, you reply too fast for me to keep up.

    You do indeed make a very good point there. It might have not been the best source when the people who called JC useless was mostly writing random garbage in the Ironforge Trade Channel. Thank you once again for detailed answers 🙂

    I guess it all depends on the situation after all of the content has been released, but your educated guesses are much obliged and will aid me in my decision making.

  • hello,i need your advise on this
    I`m planning on leveling 2 characters to 110 when legion hits,first my warrior then a demon hunter,a 3rd one a bit later on
    i want to focus on making insane amount of gold early in the expansion,mostly first 3-4 weeks after launch
    It is a good idea to pick skinning/herb while lvl-ing,gather as many mats as possible(including BoS) then dumping skinning for inscrib(or alchemy,not sure on this one) to mostly make a big chunk of gold from trinkets with the mats i gathered and some bought from AH,also to drop skinning to get leatherworking to make gear to also get some good chunk of gold early on with the mats i got and i will probably buy?
    After those markets drop their insane prices,i was thinking to completly drop inscrib/alchemy and leatherworking,since i never liked those,to go back to maybe blacksmith or w/e will be profitable on that moment
    On my dh same tactic,double gather proffs while lvl-ing,then abusing which market is in top demand/highest selling in the early stages of legion
    Could you please tell me if this tactic is good? and maybe some advise of a better one (also still not sure if alchemy or inscrib is better early stages,since both can make some nasty trinkets,alongside other things)
    Also,i`m on outland eu,which is one of the biggest pvp realms for alliance(around 90% of the realm population is alliance),there are some pve guilds,good guilds also,but not as many as a pure pve realm like twisting nether and so on.Thats why i`m a little in the mist of what should i do

  • What an amazing thread this is 🙂

    When legion comes out in a few days I am leaning towards keeping mining + skinning. But I thought to my self, mabye ditch skinning and learn enchanting so I can disenchant stuff that I get from dungeons and quest from level 100 to 110. Or stick with mining + skinning and when I hit level 110, I replace my skinning with enchanting?

    BTW, unlearning a profession and then later on re-learning it again will make that profession skill level start at 1 again right :(?
    Thats why I am thinking to get enchant now before legion comes out. If I learn enchant on level 110, I must start at skill level 1 again I believe :S. What I know for sure is that I will forget all the recipes that you learn from quest or drops.

    Any thoughts on this? Mining + skining will be more profitable at the start for sure I think, but mabye mining + enchanting will be well worth it aswell in the long run?

  • @MalteLS,

    I just happened to be on the site at the time. Usually I’m not quite so quick 🙂

    Have you seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie? If so remember this: no matter who it comes from gold making advice is a guideline, not a rule. Make a choice of what will work best for you, don’t just try to copy what somebody else said to do.


    If your goal is to just make as much gold as soon as possible, and switch to other professions after the markets stabilize, you are on the right track. Dual gathering while leveling is definitely the way to start. If you can get anything up on the Auction House in the first week it will go for an insane price. Definitely pick Inscription over Alchemy, the Darkmoon Trinkets are one of the best items to sell in the first few weeks.

    Leatherworking is a solid choice. Many players will be playing as the new class and will want to gear up for raids. There is some concern that others will expect this also, and there may be a lot of competition here. If there is it could bring prices down quickly so you will want to get sales as early as possible, before everyone else has a chance to learn the good recipes.

    Also, I don’t know if you read through the other comments, but in case you didn’t I want to mention the Obliterum Forge. Unlocking that forge requires the completion of a quest line. On of the steps during that questline is to turn in a crafted bracer of each armor type. Leatherworking creates two of the four bracers needed for that quest, making it a very good choice. Even better, those bracers do not need Blood of Sargeras. Craft them early, and often, and you should have a steady supply of gold coming in. You can even buy everything you need on the Auction House if you run out.

    That would be for the Warrior.

    For the Demon Hunter, it would be good to start with the same two gathering professions and mail everything to the Warrior to craft with while the DH is leveling. Once you reach 110 on your second character you should be able to look at the value of the other professions, compared to what you are getting for Leatherworking, and make a decision on what would be best.

    There is no sense in taking the same crafting professions as the Warrior, because Legion has almost no cooldowns to consider. So instead it would be best to chooce between Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring and Enchanting on your DH.

    I would suggest Tailoring / Enchanting because you will be picking up cloth as you level on both characters. You can also save all the BoE greens you pick up on your Warrior to be disenchanted, as well as everything that you come across from quests and dungeons on your DH.

    As with Leatherworking, bracers created by a Tailor are needed for the Obliterum Forge. And they require no Blood of Sargeras.

    Warrior – Skinning / Herbalism >>> Leatherworking / Inscription
    Demon Hunter – Skinning / Herbalism >>> Tailoring / Enchanting


    Mining + Skinning is definitely the better choice while leveling. However, Mining + Enchanting has more long term potential.

    Yes, if you unlearn a profession and then learn it again later it starts at level 1. And you lose access to every recipe that you had for that profession. Keep in mind that you do not need 800 Enchanting in order to craft things in Legion. They are following the same level structure that Warlords created, where most items can be crafted as low as level 1. The only ones that require a higher skill level are the Tome of Illusions.

    There is some talk that World Quests require a minimum skill level to appear on the map for the profession. Last I heard it was only 300, which you should be able to easily reach without having to worry about.

    Do you have enchanting now? If so I would say just go ahead and keep it, so you don’t have to learn the older recipes again. If you don’t have it yet then absolutely go with Skinning. There is going to be a lot of people who need leather in the early days of the expansion.

  • thank you for the reply 😀 i had something similar in mind,only thing i`ll change is that after i DE all the stuff with enchanting,i`ll make some enchants(if they are worth it) then i`ll change to blacksmithing to take full advantage of obliterium forge quest while also crafting some 815 gear etc,to have a diversified market (i think its worth it,considering it only takes 1k gold to hop from a profession to another)
    Btw,do you think that it will be more profitable to sell 815 gear upgraded up to 850 or to sell obliterium and 815 gear separately?
    I am rather curious about this,because in WoD,i made a lot more gold selling 6/6 blacksmith items than selling the upgrade parts individually,even tho a regular customer coudlv bought all required pieces from ah,at a 5-15k discount

  • Hello.

    I’ve been reading and looking trough all of your advice. I use dto be able to look into expacs and decide what i wanted to do prior. I, sadly, have not had enough time to do so for Legion. Since I can re-learn profs, and I usually know that double gathering is great at launch, I would be doing Mining/Herbalism. I do have other characters that have the other profs, but due to the Artifact System it will be a bit before i get on them.

    I was personally thinking of dropping Mining after I got it up to a decent amount, then picking up inscription for the start for DM. Afterwards, when the dust settles, pick up JC and Mining, again. Would it be a decent strategy to do? Or should i just start of with Inscription and Herbalist then later on switch to Mining and JC?

  • @ Flasteria

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! Quick question — is it worth leveling up inscription now before the expansion hits, or should I just wait?

    You rock. 🙂

  • @Iuga

    You can’t sell upgraded gear this time. Upgrading gear will make it soulbound, so unfortunately that market will not exist. Unless Blizzard decides to change it, but I don’t think that will happen.


    Your idea will work very well. Dual gathering will get you some extra Blood of Sargeras that you will want to hold on to for later, more than Herbalism / Inscription could. And you would be better off aiming for 110 as quickly as possible rather than trying to craft items to sell.

    Jewelcrafting requires far more BoS than any other profession, Inscription barely needs any, so swapping between these two should work very well.


    It won’t make too much of a difference, you should be able to level easily either way. Most recipes for most professions can be crafted at a skill level of 1, similar to Warlords, so getting your professions to max isn’t really critical.

    However, if you do want to max them anyway so you have access to the few recipes that do require a higher skill level I would definitely do it now. Many people are offloading their WoD mats at low prices. Snatch those up to level your professions. Legion mats will be much more expensive.

  • Hi!

    What professions do you recommend having on multiple characters? On the server I’m playing I already have all 12 classes at level 100 with skill level 700 on one of each profession. Here is how I have everything set up:
    Warlock: Engineering & Mining
    Paladin: Jewelcrafting & Mining
    Mage: Tailoring & Enchanting
    Shaman: Inscription & Herbalism
    Priest: Alchemy & Herbalism
    Warrior: Blacksmithing & Mining
    Hunter: Leatherworking & Skinning

    That leaves my druid, death knight, rogue, monk and demon hunter without professions. Right now I’m thinking of having my druid as a gathering class with maybe herbalism and skinning but I’m not too sure. I’m also thinking of having my demon hunter as an extra tailor/enchanter to be able to craft hexweave bags more frequently as I guess they will still sell in Legion? Maybe my death knight can have alchemy with inscription for transmuting? I’m mainly looking for long term gold making. What are your recommendations for extra professions?

    Thanks for a great read!

  • Since you already have each profession covered there are two items that I would consider.

    The first is Hexweave Bags. The second is Sky Golem.

    Hexweave Bags are much faster to create and list for sale. They should sell very well in Legion because Blizzard is not introducing a larger bag, at least at first. The bags only require Tailoring to make, so that frees up the second profession. The garrison will also help speed up your crafting.

    My only concern with this item is that people are talking about selling these all over the internet. Everyone is getting ready to sell Hexweave Bags and there will be lots of competition which could mess with your own sales.

    The Sky Golem is very different. It takes a whopping 30 days to create. For this single reason most players will never make one for themselves, or to sell. There is very little competition on my high population realm. And they often sell for a great price. I recommend anyone with extra profession slots look into picking up Engineering at least, and Alchemy as well if possible.

    The issue here is that there will be far fewer players farming in popular Pandaria locations, most notably the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This could drive up the price of materials needed for the Sky Golem and eat into your profits.

    Of course, you could do both.

    And I wouldn’t recommend a dual gathering character, not with how you have professions set up. You’ve already got that area covered very well. Unless you want to level as a dual gatherer, and change professions afterwords. That would work.

    Druid – Tailoring / Alchemy (or Engineering)
    Death Knight – Tailoring / Engineering
    Rogue – Tailoring / Engineering
    Monk – Tailoring / Alchemy (or Engineering)
    Demon Hunter – Tailoring / Engineering

    This would give you six Tailors. If you have all the work orders running for these characters you can produce 264 Hexweave Cloth a day across all your characters, before factoring in Rush Orders. Even if you don’t sell them, that would be great for personal use.

    This would also give you 3 Alchemists and 4 Engineers. If each Alchemist is a Transmutation Mastery you should be able to create enough Living Steel with your daily cooldowns to keep up with your Engineers. If you have no issues buying Living Steel instead you can make pick up Engineering on the two extra Alchemists instead and make six Sky Golem every month.

    Your server may vary but six Sky Golem should translate into approximately 90,000g profit each month. That can fund your WoW Token by itself, whether you are in US or EU. This is why I recommend the mount so highly.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the great post. I am boosting a druid to 100 from 60. Would you suggest lw/skinning or jw/enchanting in the long run during legion?


  • Hello!
    Really liked the read but still having a hard time deciding on my only characters professions.
    If you could pick two professions purely for gold making in the long run, which two would you pick?
    I’m considering JC/Enchanting.

    Best regards, Simon

  • Hey Simon!

    So there are a lot of things to take into account when choosing which professions will be best. There is a large raiding community on Illidan US, which is very helpful when making sales, but this is not true for all servers.

    I can say that my main is JC/Enchanting, because I expect this to be a very good combination in the long run.

    The only thing is that I expect JC will be very expensive. It is not a profession I would recommend unless you have some gold to invest in ore/gems.

    If you cannot invest that much gold then I would look into Tailoring. They may not have big bags this time around but the armor should still sell and cloth is often cheaper than leather and ore.

  • @Krollax

    So sorry, my spam filter accidentally put your comment on hold. I fixed that.

    LW/Enchant is definitely the better option for long term gold, unless you are short on gold and can’t afford to invest in the necessary crafting materials. If that is the case then I would suggest LW/Skinning until you are comfortable with how much gold you have. And then drop Skinning in favor of Enchanting.

    If you do decide you want to swap professions, keep every piece of gear you can from leveling and dungeons. Disenchant them as soon as you pick up enchanting and use the materials you get from that to complete your quests and level your Enchanting skill.

  • I’m enjoying enchanting, and it seems like a good middle ground self-sustaining profession for both game play benefits and gold.

    Jewel crafting however, with no more reliable influx of free ore from alts garrisons, and the ridiculous costs of early expansion materials..

    Would you feel it’s justified to drop JC? I know it’s speculation to even think about what materials will cost when the market stabilizes, but next to enchanting thus far to 110 and 830 Ilvl it’s been essentially an empty profession slot, particularly with quest progression and work orders requiring tens of thousands of gold to complete.

  • I don’t expect Jewelcrafting will really start making a ton of gold until just before the raids open. Nobody wants to buy a gem for a piece of gear they might not have tomorrow, especially not when they are as expensive as they are right now. I mean the uncommon, uncut green gem is going for an average of 5k in US and 6k in EU. Nobody want’s to be spending that kind of money on it.

    In the early days of the expansion though, Jewelcrafting is not going to be doing well. It might be worthwhile to pick up Inscription at the moment. Darkmoon Decks are still extremely rare, and these are BiS for some specs out there who will want to pick them up and upgrade them for raiding. Inscription will fall though, and quickly, and that would be a good time to move back to Jewelcrafting.

  • Dear Flasteria,

    This thread has been most informative, but as I’m almost completely to WoW, I feel the need to ask your advice.
    I have a Paladin that I boosted when I bought WoD, I have a DK and a DH now that I’ve bought Legion. I’m very much a casual WoWer, I’m in a guild, but not raid quality, all I want is to be able to have enough gold to sustain myself. I haven’t even picked any professions up on my characters yet. I collect mounts and just generally wander around everywhere, I will get raid gear, I’m just not in any rush to do so.

    Your advice on what to do would be great. I don’t really like pestering people with noob questions, but I feel like I’m missing out on gold. I’m thinking Engineering on one character, just so I can get the mounts.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Someone that doesn’t really have a clue 🙂

  • My suggestion for easy, simple gold is to craft the Sky Golem. Each Engineer can make one every 30 days. It does require that you log in every day, but it only takes a minute or two on each character to create the Jard’s Energy Source that you will need. The other mounts that Engineers can make do sell, and some of that at a very nice price, but none sell as well as the Sky Golem (in my experience, yours may be different).

    I’ve also noticed that the price of a Sky Golem has gone up significantly since Legion was released. On my realm the price has gone up by almost 200%, other realms it has increased even more. I don’t know for sure that they sell at this price yet, just this morning, as I’m typing this, I have created my first two since Legion has been released. I will see if the price is just people wanting more gold, or if it is because people are paying that much.

    Some quick math for you, and I will be basing this off the previous prices that I know work, not the new price that I have not yet tested.

    1 Sky Golem sells for about 20,000g / 12,000g in profit, after buying all the materials you need.
    3 Sky Golems sell for about 60,000g / 36,000g in profit, after buying all the materials you need.

    Please know that these are LOW estimates. On many realms it is perfectly reasonable to get 30,000g+ for a single one. And if the new prices prove to be realistic? It’s even better.

    But even if it’s not, this will net you an almost guaranteed 36,000g each month. If you play on US that can be enough to afford a WoWToken every month, or be able to buy whatever you need for raiding and never have to worry about it.

    But that’s just one profession. That still leaves one open on each of your characters. For this one, I would pose a series of questions:

    * Are there any professions that you really, really like? I love Alchemy. I would probably make more gold with other professions, but I stick with Alchemy on many characters right now.

    * Do you have any wish to still visit your Garrison? Tailoring is definitely the choice here. Hexweave Bags still sell, and they are going at a very nice price.

    * Do you enjoy going out in the world, gathering materials? Herbalism or Mining are a good choice. I would lean towards Herbalism though, and use one of

    * Do you play any of these characters more than the others? Enchanting is a good choice on a main character because it gives you more access to outdated gear that you can disenchant.

  • Pedro César Soares de Freitas

    Hello Fasteria, how are you? I see you are replying the questions really fast, so i will ask one too hehe 🙂 i stoped playing in cata, and now im coming back leveling a druid to 60, to get the profession boost. What do you think would be good profession to this druid? I REALLY want the moose from letherworking, so i think imgetting this one. And about the second? And is letherworking good in legion and for druid? And what about a good one to make money? Thank you very much , you are helping a lot a people!!

  • If you have been out of the game for a while it might be best to go with Leatherworking / Skinning. At least at first. Especially if you are only going to be playing the Druid, which I am assuming but please correct me if I am wrong.

    I don’t know how much gold you have, but inflation happens in WoW just like it happens in the real world. If you haven’t played since Cataclysm you probably don’t have too much gold to invest in buying materials, so it would probably be better to gather them yourself.

    As a profession, Leatherworking is very nice. I actually have it on my Druid. You can make some decent gold selling the crafted gear, and you have the ability to make whatever piece of armor you might need to prepare yourself for raiding.

  • Hi Flasteria,

    Im Ryan from the Philippines. I am the same as the other people here well most of them ” getting back to the game because of the storyline”. I have a Paladin in another server and planning to boost a DK to lvl 100 in another server, so basically my paladin I wont be able to use it unless i transfer it to the new server I am going to. So, my question is a fresh DK lvl 100 in Legion whats the best profession I can take up for me to have a bit of edge and earn a decent amount of money. I also been reading your replies to all queries while leveling its best to get two gathering prof. Does it apply to a lvl 100 to 110? or is it from lvl 1 to 110? I am sorry if my english isn’t that really good. I hope you can reply to my question before I do something stupid. ^_^

    Thank you.



  • Rryan,

    Gathering is the best option while leveling for two reasons. 1 – You can sell what you find for a bit of gold, which can add up over time. 2 – Gathering herbs and ore (not leather) gives you a small amount of bonus experience, helping you level a little faster. This applies from level 1 (maybe 5, I’m not sure if mining and herbalism can be learned at level 1) up to level 110. I would especially recommend it at 100 – 110 because the price of herbs and ore from Legion is extremely high compared to last expansion.

    I would highly recommend starting with Herbalism and Mining as you level, especially since you will have only one character on a new server. You might even want to keep these two professions and just buy what you need, rather than make anything yourself. Herbs in particular are going for a very nice price right now, especially the Starlight Rose from the 110 zone of Suramar.

    If you prefer not to gather in the open world and plan on doing dungeons / raids, and save up enough gold to feel comfortable buying the things you need, it would be wise to change to Enchanting and Blacksmithing. Enchanting is always best on a character you play often so you can disenchant any excess gear that you don’t need. Blacksmithing will allow you to fill the holes in your gear.

    There is also a Blacksmith mount that is supposed to be coming in the next raid. So if you are a BS, and you are raiding, you will be able to get that pattern early and make some decent gold from it.

  • Hi Flasteria,

    I just got to 110 on my Shaman, and am yet to get a profession. I was wondering what would be the best for getting gold that I won’t have to spend too much on. I’ve been looking at Engineering because it seems very useful with the portable repair, bank, etc, but enchanting seems alright aswell, I really have no idea. I haven’t played since MoP, and back then I had a Rogue with LW/skinning and sell everything I made.

  • Seth,

    Engineering is a very useful profession. It does have the unfortunate stigma of being considered a complete gold sink. While this is not entirely true, most players end up spending far more than they make. The reason for this is very simple: much of what engineers can make profit from are mounts and mounts often take a long time to sell.

    However, if you are looking for reliable and easy gold, there is no better choice than Engineering. I have been recommending it for quite some time now for one single reason:

    At the end of the last expansion the Sky Golem sold for an average of about 30,000g. As of right now that average has gone up massively, we are now seeing an average price of over 100,000g. The reason for this is very simple. More and more people realize how valuable Herbalism is, making the mount more and more popular.

    Be aware that it does take 30 days to craft, and it will require a bit of an investment, but I think the payoff for simply logging on once a day is well worth an estimated 70,000g in profit every month.

    As for a second profession, I will always suggest Enchanting on a main character. The reason is very simple. More gear will pass through your main character, allowing you to disenchant them. And this expansion many of the best recipes require Exalted with the different factions across the Broken Isles. It’s better to get the most out of a single character than to split your time trying to get Exalted on another.

  • Alright, thanks a lot for your help.

  • You’re welcome. 🙂

  • Heya Flasteria,

    I just got my Warlock up to 110, and I am really planning for him to be my main character. I have no professions right now and I am really just looking for some professions to help me get geared up, and get me gold. I do plan on doing a bit of raiding, but I mostly will be doing PvP so I will have time in between queues to do things. I have been looking at enchanting and alchemy right now because I would be able to pass them out to my guild, but I don’t know how they would do for gold. Ty!

  • NukFur,

    I’m so sorry, I thought I had replied to you already but I guess I didn’t actually post the comment before shutting down my PC. 🙁

    Enchanting is a great choice. There is no need to get it to 800 and you can get access to all the different ranks without having to deal with too much RNG. Plus I always recommend Enchanting on a main because you have more gear passing though that character which can be disenchanted.

    Alchemy is in an odd spot right now though. It costs way too much to get rank 3 because of RNG, and without rank 3 it is not profitable on most servers.

    I would suggest looking at Tailoring instead. Cloth is fairly cheap and the crafted 815 gear is selling decently, plus it allows you to create your own gear if you need to quickly increase your item level. It is also noteworthy that a Tailor will collect more cloth from mobs in the Broken Isles than another character, and so having Tailoring on your main, which will be killing more things, results in extra cloth for you to use. Plus Tailoring has always been a good pair with Enchanting.

  • What do u recommend for a mythic raiding resto shaman on horde illidan us

  • Thanks for the article, very informative.
    What are your thoughts on having an mining alt? Is it worth it or just time consuming and inefficient?
    I didnt read all of the comments so i apologize if its a repeating question.
    Thank you!

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