Computer Trouble

I shut my computer down around 10 AM on Wednesday, like I always do when I don’t plan on using it for several hours. Spent some time at my Mom’s house with the kids, like I do every Wednesday. After we got home I went to boot up my PC and check on auctions, something I do usually several times a day. But this time it wouldn’t come on.

By the time this goes live I will have been working on fixing this for nearly two days.

Fortunately I have access to my laptop, so I can still keep up to date on any new information that comes out. I will still be checking in at my favorite websites a few times a day to see what others are talking about.

I can still manage to get my daily cooldowns done, and handful of auctions are not too much trouble to handle. I don’t expect that I will be able to use the laptop for leveling in the Broken Isles though.

I will keep working on it, until I can figure out exactly what the problem is and fix it. I have been needing to get a new PC for a while now, this isn’t the first issue I have had with it recently. I think it’s time to start saving up for it.

Worst case scenario, I can’t play WoW for a few months while I save up. I will miss the early expansion rush but I can live with that. I didn’t exactly make any gold in the first few months of WoD either.

Best case scenario, I get my PC up and running and save up for an improvement anyway. It’s always better to be prepared for something to go wrong that never does than the opposite.

Enjoy Azeroth for me, and make sure you have a backup plan incase something goes wrong, ok?


  • Ouch – have you fixed the issue yet? If not, what is the computer doing? Will it power on, or no power? Did you just do a windows update? I ask as one of the windows updates has bricked a few computers / tablets recently.

  • I asked a friend to look at it, he did something and it seems to be working better now. I’m still reluctant to say that it is fixed.

    He told me that some of the cables connected to the HDD were a little loose, and that could have been the issue, but that I should save up to upgrade my PC either way.

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