Entering the Legion Beta

July 1st, 2016:

Early yesterday morning, I’m talking just after midnight so technically morning but I hadn’t slept yet, I went to Wowhead to look up something. And I honestly can’t remember, because as soon as I got the website up it gave me an achievement: A WINNAR IS YOU.

Stunned disbelief. I never win anything, but the name logged in at the top is mine. So I went to check my email and there it was, my very own code for the Legion Beta. I immediately went to Battle.net, entered the code, and began to download the Beta.

There are so many positives to getting able to experience things first hand. There is no substitute for first hand experience. I credit most of my success in the early weeks of Patch 6.2 to the fact that I was actively searching and testing things out on the PTR.

I reported the increased drop rates of all work order materials (except enchanting, for some reason) to /r/woweconomy. I verified the locations of the new Mighty and Savage upgrade tokens, and their cost. I tested, and researched, everything I could think of. And as a result I made a ton of gold the week 6.2 was released. I was prepared.

And now I have the opportunity to do that again, because first hand experience is always better then a report or a guide. Actually going there and doing it is always going to be the best way to learn and know what is coming.

So Much To Do

1- I need to level a character to 110 so that I can start exploring as much as possible. I can read the quests as I go to get the full story. That way I won’t be missing anything when I blitz to 110 in the live release.

2- I need to hunt down all the recipes for the two professions I plan to focus on. I need to determine what will be the highest priority to go after, and what can be done in combination with something else. I can create a plan if I know exactly where and how to get them. And I can put this together for all the professions.

3- I need to learn the mechanics of all the bosses in all the dungeons. Knowledge is power and it will be to my benefit if I already have that knowledge. Being able to explain what happened after a wipe, or preventing a wipe others may not see coming, is valuable. Time is money.

4- I need to find out exactly how many items are rewarded when disenchanting. This is a personal interest but will be useful information for others too. I have read that the drop rate is exceptionally low, I aim to find out for myself.

5- I need to find out how quickly a player can reasonably obtain Blood of Sargeras. I plan to test out fishing but my main objective is to find out how much is rewarded from dungeons. This, combined with point 3, will let me know how much Blood most players can expect to find.

6 – I need to start compiling my TSM groups so that I am ready to hit the ground running. Not really related to the beta, but it is something to get started on anyway. Having a full set of TSM groups ready and waiting to be imported will be a huge boon to a player looking to make quick gold.

7- I need to keep everything here updated, so that people who can’t get in and see it themselves have the next best thing.

I Will Be Prepared

Priorities will be shifting now. I won’t have much time for Project Golden Bull, probably not much for earning gold in general. But that is perfectly fine with me. Missing out on a 100,000g now is worth the potential to make millions in the first few weeks of Legion. And I plan to put everything that I can up on here, so that you can be prepared too.

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