Fury of Hellfire

Patch 6.2, Fury of Hellfire has been out for 3 days now.

I, like many others, have been very busy. Felblight, used in a number of new recipes, is very valuable. Not quite on the same level that Savage Blood was at the beginning of this expansion but still worth a nice amount of gold.

There are many players out in Tanaan Jungle gathering every herb, every bit of ore, skinning everything they can in the hopes of getting Felblight. This single item has made gathering professions worthwhile again. It has also resulted in far greater numbers of materials being listed on the Auction House. People are out in the world actively doing things which have not been done for this entire expansion so far.

Personally, I have been out fishing. Fishing is often considered the most boring professions, and it’s easy to understand why. And because of this there is often far less competition over schools of fish, which means more Felblight for me, with not gold cost.

A special note, the new world boss Supreme Lord Kazzak drops Felblight when he is killed. From what I have read it seems to be anywhere from 6 – 14. He only drops loot weekly, like all other raid bosses, but because he drops so much the market was oversaturated shortly after launch. Prices have stabilized at the moment. And it’s very likely this will repeat every Monday, before the reset, and every Tuesday, after the reset.

Fishing for Felblight

There are only a few spots where Felmouth Frenzy School can be found. I did some research on the PTR so I could get some information. I have found four areas where they are located. These four spots are outlined in the picture below. They are numbered from best to worst locations. I will explain each below.

Felmouth Frenzy Fishing Spots Small


1. The best area to fish. Assuming you have the Anglers Fishing Raft, Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg, or another reliable means of waterwalking. This is the only area where you can stay on the water and be safe from attack by the nearby enemies.

2. The second best choice. Do not try to walk on the water here. You will take damage which will break the effect. You will begin gaining stacks of X and at 10 stacks you will die.  Do not try to walk on the water. But you will have to follow small paths down to the “water” and back up in order to reach the pools. This spot will likely be very popular while people wait for raids to get started.

3. The third best option. This river is just outside of the Alliance base so it may not be reliable for Horde characters on PVP servers. There are fish in the water here which will attack you if you are on the water or close to it. They will interfere with your fishing. But they are weak and easy enough to kill.

4. The worst option. This small pond is surrounded by elites. They aren’t too difficult to take one by one but they tend to travel in groups. If you can manage to get through them and to the pond you will have to deal with fish that are inside the water. And the small island in the center is full of frogs that will also attack you.

I like the number 1 area the most because it is the most efficient, because it allows the use of my Anglers Fishing Raft without being interrupted by fish or any other aggressive enemies.

Using Felblight

I have spent the past few days using all of my rush orders that I had stocked up before the patch. It took me several hours but I have a large number of materials to work with, and now I have had to decide what I want to make.

I’ve been waiting  and watching what happens to the value of not only Felblight but also the value of the Mighty and Savage Essences. I wanted to see how many of them sold, how quickly they sold, how quickly their values began to drop. So that I could be ready to make sales of my own. I tried to get some sales of the Mighty Steelforged and the Savaged Steelforged and so far have sold one of each.

Mighty and Savage Sales

Sold for a total of 105,567G!

What I really need to do is get one of each up for sale. The profit margin on these is enormous and I need to take advantage of that.

I have also been keeping my eye on the new gems. I expect they will lose value far quicker than the upgrades will. Gem sockets are far too rare for there to be any real demand for these, compared to the other uses for Felblight.

I had planned to get all the recipes and work on getting some gems crafted but I decided against it. I will work on it slowly and see if it ends up being worth it in the future but for now it simply takes too much work to get all the recipes and I have other things to work on.

Other Sales

Enchanting has been my most profitable profession all expansion. But the amount of gold I have made since 6.2 has been incredible. I had stocked up almost 500 Rush Order: Enchanter’s Study across all my characters. I spent several hours after 6.2 was released processing all of them. In the end I had almost 1,000 Temporal Crystals for use.

And I have been using them very quickly. I currently have only 344 left, and will probably have to buy more in the next two days or so. This means that I have used almost 1,000 Temporal Crystals in less than a week! And my results?

Enchanting Sales


Now I know that the difference between the last 30 days and the last 7 days isn’t all that big. But keep in mind that patch 6.2 has only been out for 3 days. That gives me another four days before I get an accurate average. At the current rate I will probably make an average of 30,000g a day from Enchanting alone.

What have your sales looked like?

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