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Fishing is far from optimal. It is, however, the only farming option available to dual crafting characters. I would rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best than prepare for the best and end up disappointed. This is what has been running through my mind lately.

There has been a lot of talk about Blood of Sargeras recently. Blizzard has confirmed that it will be BoP and this has some implications that many players do not like. Considering how everything has been designed in Legion it seems that Blizzard would rather players focus on one character. Part of the class fantasy idea that they have been talking about for a long while regarding this expansion I suppose.

There are a number of issues that arise with the current design. Any character with two gathering professions will have a massive surplus of Blood of Sargeras that they cannot use. Any character with two crafting professions will have a massive shortage of Blood of Sargeras they cannot fill.

The Gold Queen has a great article examining what this means and why it is a problem. You can read it here.

I expect that there will be some changes made before the expansion is released. What these will be, exactly, we don’t know. I prefer to be cautious in situations like this, assume nothing is changing and prepare for that. To that end, I have been looking at fishing.


I know many people hate fishing. It may not be a great solution, dual gatherers will still have an excess of Blood, but it does allow dual crafters an alternative. We won’t have to drop a crafting profession in favor of a gathering profession on every single character.

We will have to get the fishing artifact, a fishing pole named the Underlight Angler. And we will have to upgrade if enough to unlock the perk that allows Blood of Sargeras to be found while fishing. This will require a bit of a time investment itself since obtaining the Underlight Angler will require completing three fishing achievements.

  • Bigger Fish to Fry – Requires catching one of every type of rare fish in the Broken Isles
  • Wish Remover – Requires catching one of every new coin in the Dalaran Fountain
  • A fishing level of 800

It will still take a big time investment to gather up the necessary Blood of Sargeras, especially for anyone trying to craft across multiple characters. Currently it seems that finding Blood of Sargeras is found at a significantly slower rate compared to  the primary gathering professions.

And we don’t know if a character’s fishing level will increase the drop rate of Blood of Sargeras or not. I would guess that it will, or that in some way a high level of fishing will be required. With a minimum level of fishing being required before the Underlight Angler can be obtained it will be important to get to 700 before Legion is released. Which leads to my next point.

Leveling Fishing

Sure, you could go out and fish for hours on end to slowly increase your skill level. And if that actually sounds appealing to you then I say go for it. But I’ve already done that once and I would like to save myself some time.

Use the fishing shack in your garrison. You only need to have it level one to unlock the daily quest. The daily will increase your fishing skill by 15 points. If you can do this every day for 47 days you can take your fishing skill from 1 to 700 with minimal effort and time spent.

The daily quest will require that you find the eggs of any of the various fish that are native to Draenor. You find the eggs when you filet a stack of the correct fish. The eggs must be found on the character with the quest.

Finding the Fish

You have three options. 1, buy the fish from the AH. A fast and easy way to get the fish that you need. 2, catch the fish yourself. It will save you a small sum of gold but it can take a bit of time to make it to the correct part of Draenor and to find the fish you need. 3, outfit some of your ships with a Tuskarr Fishing Net. Anytime a ship equipped with the net successfully completes a misison you will be rewarded with a small amount of a random fish.

I have to suggest the third option, especially if you are trying to level fishing across several characters. So long as you already have a few shipyards set up, even just one, unlocking the ability to use the Tuskarr Fishing Net is very easy and will quickly start to bury you in fish.


  • You can actually keep the eggs used for the fishing quest in a bank or guild bank. I leveled fishing at the start of WoD with the help of guildees who would put their extra eggs in the guild bank before handing in the quest. You often end up with more than you need to complete the quest, but they will vanish if you hand the quest in before leaving the eggs in the bank. Just a little FYI for those people out there who might use this method to level up fishing. 🙂

  • Good to know, I might take advantage of this. I’m working on three characters through the Fishing Shack and every little bit helps.

  • The eggs are not actual items anymore so this won’t work. I’m guessing Blizzard didn’t like people doing it.

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