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This is the third installment of my Garrison Layout series. I have at least one more planned and I will probably add another section as I start getting some testing done on the PTR.

As with the last one I will only be mentioning what is different in this layout compared to the previous. If you haven’t read the others or want to read them again you can find them below.

  1. No Auction House Needed
  2. No Crafting Needed

One last thing before I get into the good stuff, I am working at putting together a consolidated page which will contain all the information for each part of the Garrison Layout series. I can’t promise an exact date but it will likely be ready before the middle of June.

Special Buildings

Herb Garden, level 3. Collect everything and keep work orders running as much as possible.

Mine, level 3. Collect everything and keep work orders running as much as possible.

Small Buildings

For these small buildings I’m going to outline a priority list. As a general rule you will want the building which corresponds to your professions. However, there are no buildings for Herbalism or Mining. And the buildings for Alchemy, Enchanting and Engineering are, in most cases, not worth it. The priority is designed to fill in the remaining small building plots.

  1. Salvage Yard
  2. Gem Boutique == Scribe’s Quarters

Salvage Yard, level 3. Nothing new here. Any items you don’t feel confident in selling on the AH you can sell to the vendor for a small amount of gold.

Remaining Small Buildings. Here’s where things get a little tricky to describe. So I’m going to give an example of which buildings would probably be best for which professions rather than simply say which buildings are the best options.

Garrison Assisted Crafting - Gem Boutique Crafting 1

You can make items from a limited selection by talking to the in your Gem Boutique.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t have the professions you are still able to craft some items at the buildings. The gold from the Gem Boutique daily far outweighs the old of the Partial Receipts from the Scribe’s Quarters. However the value of items from the Scribe’s Quarters is often greater than the Gem Boutique.

When choosing between the two it’s important to know which has the most value on your server. The Gem Boutique will allow you to create the 640 neck and rings which you can sell. The Scribe’s Quarters allows you to create some 630 weapons and an offhand as well as a random Darkmoon Card.

Garrison Assisted Crafting - Crafting Examples

It comes down to which building will allow you to craft the more valuable items.

Example 1: Herbalism and Mining. Because this character would have no other buildings to choose from the best options are to pick both the Gem Boutique and the Scribe’s Quarters.

Garrison Assisted Crafting - Scribe's Quarters Crafting 1

You can make items from a limited selection by talking to the in your Scribe’s Quarters.

Example 2: Leatherworking and Tailoring. Because this character has two viable buildings to choose from the best options are to pick both The Tannery and the Tailoring Emporium.

Example 3: Blacksmithing and Skinning. With something like this you should choose The Forge to complement Blacksmithing. The second building is a toss up. It depends on the value of items on your realm.

Medium Buildings

Inn / Tavern, level 3. No change to this one, just keep recruiting your Treasure Hunter followers.

Trading Post, level 3. No change. Keep work orders going as much as you can and buy Draenic Dust whenever it is at 4 Garrison Resources each.

Large Buildings

Barracks, level 3. No change. Extra followers are always a good thing.

War Mill, level 2. No change. Just keep work orders running to get more follower upgrade items.


So now we are building on the ideas set up in the previous layouts. But now the emphasis is shifting away from easy, passive gold from buildings and more towards crafting based on what the Garrison offers.

If you have Herbalism, Mining, Skinning or Engineering I do recommend still using the Gem Boutique and/or the Scribe’s Quarters. It’s very much up to you and your server as to which you would prefer. It is very server dependent but the Scribe’s Quarters should pull ahead in most situations.


  • I consider the choice of Tavern as medium building to be weak. I would recommend a level 3 Barn. Even if your character isn’t very strong, there are always groups to trap those level 100 beasts you need to fuel the barn. And then you get fur or hide to run a tailoring or leatherworking small building, as well as savage blood every day.

  • True, the Barn is a great source of income. Using the average value across US servers it will reliably produce somewhere around 27,000g worth of materials a month. There is almost no build up time to it, you can start making gold on the first day. However the exact value of these materials can vary wildly from server to server, and even from day to day.

    The Tavern on the other hand has a value of roughly 27,000g in raw gold every month. It does require time to recruit and level all of the Treasure Hunter characters. It is much more alt friendly though, because while it requires more “real” time it takes far less time “in game” to get it set up. And because the gold comes from missions and not from selling items it will remain constant regardless of server and market fluctuation.

  • I wonder if it would be feasible to get the best of both. You only need the tavern one day of the week, so you could replace it by a barn for the other 6 days.

  • I’m sure it would be, provided you have enough Garrison Resources and to spend for the constant rebuilding. In this scenario it would be best to only build up the Tavern to level 2 in order to recruit a new follower each week. It would then take an additional hour to finish the first level of the barn.

    I could be wrong but I believe that, so long as the work orders are already started, the Barn will continue to process them once it has been built. You wouldn’t be able to add new ones until it was level 3 again, but it frees up some time to where you won’t have to do it right away.

    This would remove the treasure missions from the command table though, and I’m not sure how much that would change the amount of gold brought in from it. I suspect it would be a significant change. It would still ultimately end up with more gold though, as a rough estimate I would say roughly 35k compared to the 27k of either option separately.

  • I was just about to try this when I noticed that due to not doing dungeons in this expansion I do not have the achievement necessary to build the level 3 tavern. No wonder I considered taverns to be weak, I never had the opportunity to use them to full potential.

  • Ah, that would do it. 🙂

    It really comes down to how much time you have. If you have enough time to go out and gather items to fill the work orders of your barn then by all means do it. I, and many others, either don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the time. I recommend the Tavern over the Barn by default simply because it is much easier to take advantage of.

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