Garrison Layout: Maximum Gold

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This is the fourth and likely final installment of my Garrison Layout series. I will be working on creating a condensed page which details the different layouts and suggests which best suits an individual player based on their free time and willingness to use the Auction House.

You can view any of the three previous layouts by clicking on any of the links provided below.

  1. No Auction House Needed
  2. No Crafting Needed
  3. Garrison Assisted Crafting
Special Buildings

Herb Garden, level 3. Collect everything and keep work orders running as much as possible.

Mine, level 3. Collect everything and keep work orders running as much as possible.

Small Buildings

For these small buildings I’m going to outline a priority list. As a general rule you will want the building which corresponds to your professions. However, there are no buildings for Herbalism or Mining. And the buildings for Alchemy, Enchanting and Engineering are, in most cases, not worth it. The priority is designed to fill in the remaining small building plots.

  1. Salvage Yard
  2. Your Profession Buildings
  3. Gem Boutique == Scribe’s Quarters

Salvage Yard, level 3. Nothing new here. Any items you don’t feel confident in selling on the AH you can sell to the vendor for a small amount of gold.

Remaining Small Buildings. Here’s where things get a little tricky to describe. So I’m going to give an example of which buildings would probably be best for which professions rather than simply say which buildings are the best options.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t have the professions you are still able to craft some items at the buildings. The gold from the Gem Boutique daily far outweighs the gold of the Partial Receipt from the Scribe’s Quarters. However the value of items from the Scribe’s Quarters is often greater than the Gem Boutique.

Gem Boutique or Scribe's Quarters

Scribe’s Quarters or Gem Boutique, the choice is ultimately up to you.

When choosing between the two it’s important to know which has the most value on your server. The Gem Boutique will allow you to create the 640 neck and rings which you can sell. The Scribe’s Quarters allows you to create some 630 weapons and an offhand as well as a random Darkmoon Card.

Example 1: Herbalism and Mining. Because this character would have no other buildings to choose from the best options are to pick both the Gem Boutique and the Scribe’s Quarters.

Example 2: Leatherworking and Tailoring. Because this character has two viable buildings to choose from the best options are to pick both The Tannery and the Tailoring Emporium.

Example 3: Blacksmithing and Skinning. With something like this you should choose The Forge to complement Blacksmithing. The second building is a toss up. It depends on the value of items on your realm.

Medium Buildings

Inn / Tavern, level 3. No change to this one, just keep recruiting your Treasure Hunter followers.

Barn, level 3. Normally I don’t recommend the Barn. This is based entirely on the fact that it takes much more time to manage the Barn that it does the Trading Post. However the gold potential of the Barn is much higher than that of the Trading Post. Provided you have the time to go out and farm for the right items in Nagrand.

Clefthoof for Capture

My go to choice for the Barn. Easier to capture than the wolves.

In addition to the greater gold potential of the Barn you will also no longer have a reliable use of Garrison Resources. You will no longer be able to buy Draenic Dust from your own garrison. You could join another garrison for that purpose but there is a better use. Barn Rush Orders.

With a follower assigned to the Barn each Rush Order will have a value of approximately 1500g. By comparison the value of Draenic Dust has dropped in value significantly. While Trading Post will only be worth about 600g.

I want to say again, the reason why I have not suggested the Barn before is because of the amount of time required for it. It isn’t a huge time investment but it does take more time than the Trading Post. This is especially true if you have multiple characters to maintain. However, the Barn is worth far more gold than the Trading Post.

Large Buildings

Barracks, level 3. No change. Extra followers are always a good thing.

Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge, level 1. Unlike every other building in the garrison there is almost no reason to upgrade this one beyond level 1. Unless you want to have access to more than just one Ogre Waygate.

By replacing the War Mill / Dwarven Bunker you will have access to even more garrison resources. This will allow you to buy even more Barn Rush Orders. In addition to this you will be able to create work orders which require Ogre Waystones. These work orders will reward you with Apexis Crystals, which you can use to buy battle pets to sell.

There is also a chance of getting a Mission Completion Order from every work order. These Mission Completion Orders will instantly complete any follower mission. Be aware that these orders do not guarantee your mission will be successful. You still have a chance of failing.

Ogre Waystone Farming

The Ogres in the shadow of Bladespire Fortress in Frostfire Ridge is a great place to farm for Ogre Waystones.

It is also important to know that you will have to farm Ogre Waystones in order to keep the work orders active. The only way to get the waystones is to kill any Ogre in Draenor. You will have to spend time killing Ogres if you want to take advantage of the work orders.

Just like the Barn, this is the reason why I did not suggest it before. The gold potential of the Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge is greater than the War Mill / Dwarven Bunker but it takes much more time.


If you have Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning or Engineering I do recommend still using the Gem Boutique and/or the Scribe’s Quarters. It’s very much up to you and your server as to which you would prefer. It is very server dependent but the Scribe’s Quarters should pull ahead in most situations.

Because of the addition of the Barn and the Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge this layout will require much more time spent out in the world gathering items. It does provide the most potential gold but it requires the most time. For this reason it is best used with a small number of characters.

Garrison Gold Nerf

I just wanted to add one last thing. In the Q&A with Watcher and Lore we were told that there may be diminishing returns added to the gold gained from the garrisons. With the potential reduction in passive gold that may be coming it would be wise to start looking into other ways to make gold.

Some people are very upset about this. I really just have to ask the question “Did you not see this coming?”. We have known for a while now that garrisons produce an obscene amount of gold. It was only a matter of time before it got nerfed.

Whatever your opinions on this the fact of the matter is we need to reduce the amount of passive gold coming into the game in order to counter inflation. Despite what most of us have come to understand, inflation is not a fact of life. Inflation is caused by a faulty economy. And inflation hurts the average player more than any other.

Someone in my position would profit greatly from inflation. I am in a position to take advantage of a rise in prices. So if I’m saying that it’s a bad thing there is a reason for it. I will be sad to see the easy gold go but I realize that it needs to.

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