Garrison Layout: No Auction House Needed

Example Garrison Layout - No Auction House Needed Featured Image

I recently got a request from a member of the subreddit /r/woweconomy to give a couple of tips for improving the use of the Garrison. I thought about it for a bit, and I came to the conclusion that it’s something that I should share for others as well. This garrison layout is made to maximize the amount of gold you can make without the Auction House. 

Special Buildings
Example Garrison Layout - No Auction House Needed Herb Garden

It’s best to keep a follower in the Herb Garden as long as you can before you replace him/her with a Treasure Hunter.

Herb Garden, level 3. Only to make sure you have the herbs you will need for the Gem Boutique daily quest and the Scribe’s Quarters daily crafting cooldown. You will probably only need to have this on one of every three or four characters. If you decide to use the Trading Post you will not need the Herb Garden at all.

Mine, level 3. Again, only to make sure you have what you need for the daily quest. Because of the random nature of the quest though, and it’s potential to take a massive amount of ore it will be best to have the Mine on one of every two characters. If you decide to use the Trading Post you will not need the Mine at all.

Small Buildings

Gem Boutique, level 2. Make sure you at least put a follower in the building every day so that you can complete the daily quest.  The quest rewards an average of 200g each day, per character. This comes out to around 6,000g a month for each character.

Example Garrison Layout - No Auction House Needed Small Buildings

Gem Boutique and Scribe’s Quarters, the best Small Buildings for making raw gold.

Scribe’s Quarters, level 2. Make sure you at least put a follower in the building every day so that you can create the daily cooldown Merchant Order. Each day it will create two random Partial Receipts. If you have two of the same you can use them to create a Merchant Order or a Large Merchant Order and sell them to a vendor for 75g or 225g, respecitvely.

I don’t have exact figures on how often the Large Merchant Order is created, but it does seem to be quite rare. Because of this I’m going to just use the value of the Merchant Order. The value of creating a Merchant Order every day is 75g per character. This comes out to around  2,250]\g a month for each character.

Salvage Yard, level 3. The great thing about the Salvage Yard is it adds an additional reward to something you will already be doing. It doesn’t require any forethought or planning, and because of the way it operates you can put it off for as long as you want without feeling like you are missing out.

It’s generally best to set aside one day a week to go through all the boxes you get. Trying to keep up with it every day can begin to feel tedious and overwhelming. Exact numbers are difficult to pinpoint for this building, but it seems to make an average of 500g per character every week. This comes to 2,000g a month.

It does have the added bonus of providing you will follower gear and occasionally BoE raid gear as well.

Medium Buildings

Inn / Tavern, level 3. Realistically you could probably keep this building at level 2 for a couple of weeks. You shouldn’t focus on getting it to level three until you meet the following criteria:

  • A follower with Inscription
  • A follower with Jewelcrafting
  • At least 3 followers with Scavenger
    • IF you choose to build a Trading Post. Otherwise ignore
  • At least 3 followers with Treasure Hunter
Example Garrison Layout - No Auction House Needed Gold Today

Proof that Treasure Hunters can make a ton of gold. Across 9 characters I have made 6,000g TODAY.

Most likely you will already have a follower with Inscription and one with Jewelcrafting. If not these are the highest priority to get. They will start bringing in gold while the rest of the followers have to level up and get gear.

After you have at least 3 Treasure Hunters you should upgrade this building. This will allow you to start taking advantage of the bonus missions that are unlocked which reward gold. Because of the way missions work, and the fact that results will vary significantly based on how many Treasure Hunter followers you have, I cannot give an accurate estimate of how much gold this will bring in.

What I can say is that from missions alone I average around 700g per character ever day. This comes out to around 20,000g a month per character. However when you have just started recruiting Treasure Hunters it will likely be closer to 235g per character and 7,050 per month.

Trading Post, level 1. The only reason to have the Trading Post, for this layout at least, is to buy Ore and Herbs in exchange for Garrison Resources. This will allow you to completely ignore both the Herb Garden and the Mine and will save you time.

If you don’t’ mind running through either of these the choice is up to you. The only reason to choose the Trading Post over any other building you might want is to save you time.

Large Buildings
Example Garrison Layout - No Auction House Needed Follower Limit

Still working on recruiting more Treasure Hunters. Being able to have 25 followers increases my potential for making gold.

Barracks, level 3. Simply put, this is for the extra followers that you are able to have. The morefollowers you are able to have active at once the more likely you will be able to complete multiple missions at 100%.

War Mill, level 2. This one is important. The extra follower upgrade items that you get from the Work Orders at the War Mill will be extremely helpful. You will be getting a new follower every week for quite a long time. It is very important that you are able to upgrade every new follower to at least 630 as quickly as possible.

If you do any raiding you may want to upgrade the War Mill to level 3. This will allow you to get a free Seal of Tempered Fate every week. Not only does this mean it doesn’t cost you anything, it also does not increase the cost of the Seals that you have to buy from the Fate-Twister in Stormshield / Warpsear.


Adding up the value of everything we get an estimated monthly average of 10,000g – 17,300g per characterAnd again, this is with no use of the Auction House at all. I will note that this is not the garrison layout that I use, and I use the Auction House quiet a bit.

I will also say that you shouldn’t rely on making this much gold from the Garrison forever. As more and more people become aware of just how much potential gold there is in the Garrison there is a high chance of it getting reduced significantly. Enjoy it while you can, because I don’t expect it to last.

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