Garrison Layout: No Crafting Needed

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This is an addition to my previous garrison layout. As such I will not be going into complete detail on this one. I suggest reading the other one if you haven’t yet. You can find the full post HERE. You can also find a summary of it HERE.

Special Buildings

Herb Garden, level 3. I recommend collecting everything from here as often as possible. Whatever you don’t use for the other buildings can be sold on the AH for a bit of gold. As an added bonus you have a chance of getting Primal Spirit from every herb you get.

Keep a follower assigned to this building and keep work orders running as much as you can. More herbs = more gold.

Mine, level 3. Again, pick up everything you can. The Miner’s Coffee and Preserved Mining Pick can really speed up how much time it takes to run through the whole thing. The mine carts also have an increased drop rate for Primal Spirit.

Keep a follower here at all times and keep those work orders going. You’ve already cleared through the mine manually, why not get some more ore with no extra effort?

Small Buildings

Gem Boutique, level 2. Nothing new for this one. Just keep doing the daily quests and bringing in your gold.

Scribe’s Quarters, level 2. Keep getting those Partial Receipts, it’s extra gold. The next step is creating a “Draenic Mortar” in exchange for 5 Blackrock Ore. This will allow you to mill herbs and create pigment without Inscription. As a general rule the pigment is more valuable than the herbs.

You can sell the pigment on the AH. I find that selling in stacks of 100 seems to work best. But if only people with Inscription need it and they can already make it why would they buy it? It’s really very simple.


An example, the macro for Nagrand Arrowbloom. Very simple but effective.

Milling herbs is the biggest pain in the ass of all professions!

If people can buy pigment from you and not have to mill it themselves they will do it. Note that you cannot use TSM to mill the herbs with the Draenic Mortar, it only works if you have the profession.

With that in mind I’m going to list a few very simple macros that will make this easier. Each number is a different macro.

  1. /use Fireweed
  2. /use Frostweed
  3. /use Gorgrond Flytrap
  4. /use Nagrand Arrowbloom
  5. /use Starflower
  6. /use Talador Orchid

Salvage Yard, level 3. BoEs and Transmog! The salvage crates have a chance to drop either of these and some of them can sell for some pretty nice gold. It does depend on your server and in my experience I found it best to just sell the vast majority of items to the vendor. Very rarely though you can get an item worth several thousand gold and that’s always nice.

Medium Buildings

Inn / Tavern, level 3. No change to this one, just keep recruiting your Treasure Hunter followers

Trading Post, level 3. By far my favorite building. And now we get to actually use it. First and foremost, keep the Work Orders running as much as possible. Identify which items are the least valuable and stock up on work orders whenever you can use them. Generally this will be any of the herbs.

No Crafting Needed Pyxni Pennypocket

Now you just have to keep your eyes open for Pyxni Pennypocket. This amazing little goblin will trade you Draenic Dust at a reduced price. And you will want to sell that Draenic Dust on days that the Dust Trader is active.

Special Note: Do not sell Draenic Dust if BOTH Pyxni and the Dust Trader are active. Wait for another chance.

Large Buildings

Barracks, level 3. No change. Extra followers are always a good thing.

War Mill, level 2. No change. Just keep work orders running to get more follower upgrade items.


Because the of the nature of the Auction House it is impossible to give an accurate calculation of how much gold you can make per month with this layout. What I CAN say is that it will still give you the 10,000g – 17,300g that the other layout does PLUS more for what you are able to sell.

Having said that I can say this from experience. I usually get an average of 4000 Draenic Dust per character each month. This equates to theoretically 12,000g each month depending on prices. But I can’t sell it all at once, and it requires timing around the Trader to really make the most gold from this.

The Cerulean Pigment tends to be a lot more difficult to sell. Fewer people need it in high quantities and it’s more difficult (and time consuming) to get large amounts of the pigment in the first place.

Draenic Dust: Handle With Care
No Crafting Needed Draenic Dust

Not Pictured: the other 16,000 Draenic Dust in my Guild Bank.

I bought over 18,000 Draenic Dust today. And I still have a ton left over from before. It would be a terrible idea if I were to post all this on the Auction House at once. Most of it wouldn’t sell. And I have almost DOUBLE the amount that is sold, on average, every day for the entire server.

Unloading that much extra Dust into the economy like that could wreak the prices of it for a good long while. And I don’t want to do that, because I make a good bit of gold from selling this stuff. I don’t want to ruin that.

Realistically I can probably sell around 2,000 a day and not impact the economy. At that number it would take me 18 days to sell most of this and that’s with me ignoring whether the Dust Trader is there or not.

Now I do have a reason for buying this much Dust, and it’s not to level my Enchanting. But that’s something I’ll be mentioning in a future post.

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