Inscription in Legion

Inscription in Legion

Looking at Inscription in Legion:

Inscription took quite a blow in Legion. There are now less than 100 glyphs total, across all classes. On the plus side, the new talent items should provide a steady source of income for scribes. The vantus runes may prove to be valuable as well.


Crafts can be separated into five main categories:

  • Glyphs
  • Trinket Cards
  • Talent Tomes
  • Vantus Runes
  • Miscellaneous

Glyphs are no longer permanently learned in Legion. There are also exclusively cosmetic. You apply the glyph to the spell or ability it modifies directly and applying another to that spell will remove the first.

Many glyphs have been changed or completely removed. More than half of the glyphs can be crafted with Legion materials. Everything else uses materials from Mists of Pandaria or earlier.

There are no glyphs that use Warbinder’s Ink so be sure to trade everything that you have for another type of ink from a previous expansion before Legion is released.

Death Knight
Demon Hunter

Trinket Cards

Darkmoon Cards are back, along with a single rare trinket, the Prophecy Tarot. Darkmoon Cards typically sell very well at the beginning of an expansion and there is no reason to think Legion will be any different. The four trinkets that are possible to obtain through Darkmoon Cards are:

Prophecy Tarot

Darkmoon Card of the Legion

Talent Tomes

At first I thought about putting these under miscellaneous but I decided that they were a bit too important for that. The only way to change Talents in Legion is to be in an area that grants rested XP. Mostly cities and inns around the world.

It has also been stated that players will be able to change their talents freely at the beginning of a dungeon, battleground or arena match.

However, the Tome of the Tranquil Mind allows a single player to change their talents out in the world. And the Codex of the Tranquil Mind does the same for a group of players. This is intended for raids rather than dungeons.

Tome of the Tranquil Mind

Codex of the Tranquil Mind

Vantus Runes

There are currently 17 different Vantus Runes. Each one grants a buff of 1,000 versatility when fighting a specific raid boss. The buff lasts for an entire week, but you may not use another rune during that week.

Personally I think it would have been better to increase primary stats. Versatility is not a very popular stat so it is very possible that these runes may not sell well outside of hardcore raiding guilds. And in many cases those guilds will be able to provide their own runes.

These runes are named after the boss that they are used against. If you do not want any spoilers do not expand the details below.


Scribes are able to create a few rare relics that can be placed in slots in the artifact weapons. Relics increase the item level of your artifact weapon and most are found as loot from defeating a raid or dungeon boss.

There are five different scrolls that can be used in combination with the engineering item, Sonic Environment Enhancer, to play music. There is a new toy, the Steam Romance Novel Kit.

It is unclear what the Scroll of Forgotten Knowledge does. I think that it might allow you to learn how to create a glyph that you do not yet know.

And a very interesting item for last, the Unwritten Legend. Killing enemies will fill the book, faster for scribes. A complete book can be sold or traded for a new currency, Sightless Eyes. This may tie in with the achievement Underbelly Tycoon which rewards a rat mount, Ratstallion.

Aqual Mark

Straszan Mark

Songs of Battle

Songs of Peace

Songs of the Alliance

Songs of the Horde

Songs of the Legion

Steam Romance Novel Kit

Scroll of Forgotten Knowledge

Unwritten Legend


  • There is an error in the talent tome section for the materials needed. Should be light parchment not the tomes themselves. Anyway, good read as always. Thanks for the informative posts.

  • Thanks, I try to make sure I catch all the errors before it goes out but sometimes I miss some. Much appreciated!

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