Jewelcrafting in Legion

Jewelcrafting in Legion

Looking at Jewelcrafting in Legion:

Mass prospecting is coming to Jewelcrafting in Legion! This one single change will make it a much less tedious profession and will probably encourage more players to try it than before.


Crafts can be separated into five main categories:

  • Gems
  • 715 Jewelry
  • 805 Rings
  • 805 Necklaces
  • Miscellaneous

Gems are not as varied as they used to be, even Warlords had more gems that could be created at release. But I expect that, because so many different items require the use of gems to create, gems will hold much greater value in Legion than they did in Warlords.

It is also good to mention the three epic gems. We have the Saber’s Eye of Agility, the Saber’s Eye of Intellect and the Saber’s Eye of Strength. These gems are unique, you can only have a single epic gem equipped at a time. This is because these gems, unlike the others, increase your primary stat. This will make these gems the most important for players to purchase.

Deadly Deep Amber

Quick Azsunite

Versatile Skystone

Masterful Queen’s Opal

Deadly Eye of Prophecy

Quick Dawnlight

Versatile Maelstrom Sapphire

Masterful Shadowruby

Saber’s Eye of Agility

Saber’s Eye of Intellect

Saber’s Eye of Strength

715 Jewelry

Jewelcrafters are able to create a number of different rings and necklaces of item level 715 that can be used by any class. At rank 2 the crafting materials needed are reduced and at rank 3 the crafting materials are reduced again. In some cases this reduces a needed material to zero.

Azsunite Loop

Azsunite Pendant

Deep Amber Loop

Deep Amber Pendant

Queen’s Opal Loop

Queen’s Opal Pendant

805 Rings

Jewelcrafters are able to create a few rings of item level 805. At rank 2 the crafting materials needed are reduced and at rank 3 the crafting materials are reduced again.

I know this is a very small group but I didn’t want to mix the rings in with the necklaces as the necklaces have a very unique aspect to them that the rings do not.

Dawnlight Band

Maelstrom Band

Prophetic Band

Shadowruby Band

805 Necklaces

Jewelcrafters are able to create a number of different necklaces of item level 805. At rank 2 the crafting materials needed are reduced and at rank 3 the crafting materials are reduced again. It is also important to note that necklaces are class specific. Each one has a different ability, some passive and some active, and each necklace has a guaranteed prismatic slot.

I expect the recipes to craft these items may change a bit. The Death Knight, Warrior, Warlock and Demon Hunter necklaces require a few less gems to craft.

Blessed Dawnlight Medallion – Priest

Grim Furystone Gorget – Death Knight

Intrepid Necklace of Prophecy – Hunter

Raging Furystone Gorget – Warrior

Righteous Dawnlight Medallion – Paladin

Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant – Mage

Subtle Shadowruby Pendant – Rogue

Sylvan Maelstrom Amulet – Druid

Tranquil Necklace of Prophecy – Monk

Twisted Pandemonite Choker – Warlock

Vindictive Pandemonite Choker – Demon Hunter


There isn’t too much for Jewelcrafters to create here. The Jeweled Lockpick will allow a character with Jewelcrafting to pick locks. There is no Blacksmithing or Engineering equivalent in Legion so you will either need to have Jewelcrafting or a Rogue in order to open the new Leystone Lockbox.

There are two new items. The Chatterstone doesn’t seem to do much, it shows a small bit of text when activated or deactivated. The JewelCraft toy allows players to play a version of Bejeweled. There is an achievement that goes with it, Hot Swapper, so it should sell fairly well.

Jeweled Lockpick


Saber’s Eye


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