Network Levels

I’m currently planning to reorganize the entire way I have structured my posts. I will not be deleting anything that has been posted before but the older posts will not be included in the restructuring at first. I will have to work on adding them into the plan when I get everything else sorted out. The main thing that I will be doing is dividing posts into one of three categories. The names, at this point, are not set in stone.

Copper Network

This will be the basics of making gold. Most posts in this category will involve farming of some sort.

Silver Network

The slightly more advanced ways of making gold. This is going to focus primarily crafting at a profit.

Gold Network

The most difficult methods. Most, if not all, will be related to flipping items for a large profit.

That’s what I’m look at right now. I think that setting everything up into one of these three categories will help make the site easier to look through. It will also help me, in planning what to write about next. I aim to have at least a small number of posts and guides to fall within each level.

I will be finishing my long overdue Cataclysm Raid series. I will also be looking into the ones that I have already completed and making sure that they will be fitting into the new system that I want to use. This is my highest priority at the moment. Cataclysm Raids are very popular for making gold with new and experienced goblins alike.

Other Changes

I have been working on changing the top menu that is displayed on every page. I will continue making changes to it in a way that, hopefully, makes it easier to find whatever it is someone might look for.

The biggest difference is the addition of “drop-down” menus under “Farming Guides” and the “Professions Guides”. At the moment there isn’t much to see but I am working to expand on that. Ultimately I plan to have every instance and popular world farming location covered, as well as guides for making gold at any level with any profession.

This will take time, and lots of it. But now that I have my computer back up, and have a reliable roster of people willing to watch the kids, I should be able to put more time into this than I have had in the past.

Keep that gold coming in. And I’ll see you next week.

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