Never Stop Learning!

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First things first, ignorance is NOT a bad thing! It just means that you don’t know something yet.

With that out of the way I can get to the good stuff. Last week I wrote up a post titled Why Gold Guides Don’t Work. At the very end of that guide was a very important sentence. And no, I’m not going to make you go and find it. It was simply this:

The most important thing to learn about making gold is that you need to LEARN about making gold.

The second most important thing to learn about making gold is that you never stop learning about making gold. Seriously, that’s it. It might sound redundant and maybe even a bit dumb but I promise that it’s true. I’ll give an example a little later on. For now just keep learning.

The one thing that truly separates the experienced gold makers from the beginners is knowledge. There are two main ways to gain knowledge, each with their own pros and cons. And you really need both methods in order to truly gain the most gold for your time.

Knowledge from Experience

The biggest advantage that the experienced have over the new is their experience. No amount of reading and research can really measure up to the experience of someone who has been at it for a good while.
The only way to get this experience is through trial and error. If something sells you know to make it in the future. If it doesn’t you know to avoid it. Some areas are a bit more subject to variation that others but in general experience can help you learn what to do.

Never Stop Learning Failure Quote 2For example I know that I can expect to sell my “Mark of” weapon enchants within a couple of hours on average. And I know that I can list as many as four of the same one at a time and not hinder my own sales.

On the other hand I know that I can sell only one Ruby Panther, at best, within a couple of weeks. I know that it will take a long time for me to be able to sell it. I know who my competition is and when my best window of opportunity to get a sale is.

I know these things from experience, because I have been learning from my many mistakes over the years.

Knowledge from Research

This is where the newer gold makers may have a slight edge. Often once people become successful at something they begin to establish a pattern and form habits. It can be difficult to break those habits. I was at this point myself.

Never Stop Learning Jim RohnI thought I had gotten to a good enough place that I could rely on what I had already learned to keep me going. But I started to lose momentum. As bad as it might sound it had become too easy making gold the same way over and over again. I was getting bored.

So I started searching the internet for other people who blog or write guides about making gold. And that’s when I found The Gold Queen.

I had completely given up on making gold with glyphs. There were too many different inks to keep track of, I needed too much storage space to hold all the glyphs that weren’t selling and a couple of other things that just made it feel like too much of a hassle.

I read a post on her site, Building a 30,000g Passive Income With Inscription – Part 1 (of 5). And this, combined with me FINALLY setting up some actual groups in TSM, made a huge difference.

I’m currently making an average of 3.4k a day. If I can keep this up I will be making 90,000g each month from Glyphs alone. And the whole point is that if I hadn’t done research and found her website I would not be making this gold.

Never Stop Learning Glyph Profit

I had failed horribly in the glyph market. Now I’m doing surprisingly well thanks to The Gold Queen.

Always be on the lookout for a new way to make gold. The economy of WoW is constantly changing. What makes you thousands one week could be made redundant and useless the next. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

What Does It All Mean?

There really is no secret to making gold in Azeroth. Sure there may be a few items that people know where to find and sell that most players don’t but a quick trip Wowhead can fix that very easily. There are no secrets to becoming rich.

Everyone, from the newest player to the veteran gold maker, is constantly learning. Through personal experience and through research we are all gaining the knowledge that we need in order to reach our goals.

Always be learning, never stop. Because as Albert Einstein once said…Never Stop Learning Einstein Quote


  • I’m glad to know it’s helping you, as well as other people. Glyphs are of course, just one way to make gold, but I love that they are easy to automate and can create a passive income from minimal work (once we get past the milling issues, soon fixed in patch 6.2).

    I’d be interested in hearing what CHANGES you make to the structure or pricing of glyphs, because it’s not just you learning from me, I also never stop learning.

  • At the moment I’m using the following formulas for my pricing.

    Min: max (crafting + 10g, 15% dbmaretk)
    Max: max (crafting + 500g, 200% dbmarket)
    Normal: max (crafting + 100g, 115% dbmarket)

    I’m also using three tabs in my bank. I need to get another but I’m using every other tab for other things. What I really need to do is unlock the 8th tab.

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