PGB Week 1

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Project Golden Bull (or PGB) began on May 5th, 2016. The main purpose of PGB is to force myself to learn how to make gold on a new server and without my team of alts who are able to craft everything. Every week I post an update on my progress.

Week 1 Accounting Summary

Project Golden Bull Entry 1

Week 1 Progress

Level: 53

Gold: 2,609g

Estimated Auction Value: 3,875g

Estimated Net Worth: 7,294g

Every player with any character of any level has the potential to make gold, even without the use of professions or farming.

I did cheat a little bit. I caged and sell a Firewing for a little over 300g on my second day on the server so that I could get things moving a little more quickly. Nothing major, and nothing compared to what people will earn in the course of leveling up, but I wanted to get things started.

So I started with different cloth from past expansions. Windwool Cloth, Embersilk Cloth and Linen Cloth. They don’t bring in much but every little bit helps, especially at this point.

I also bought variety of profession items that I could list at a good profit. Items like a Blacksmith Hammer and limited supply items such as a Gyrochronatom were my objectives. They don’t cost much and can be sold for a nice profit margin.

And then I got really lucky. I won a roll on Gloves of the Fang while running through Wailing Caverns and sold it in very quickly. This made my early sale of the Firewing pet a little pointless but I didn’t mind. Those gloves gave me an enormous leap fowards.

I have kept my eyes open for opportunities to flip any of the WoD crafting materials. It seems that I am being beaten almost every time, I can’t seem to find any listed low enough to be worth buying.

The economy here on Hakkar is definitely much different than Illidan. I will have to learn more ways to make gold and not rely on crafting. My first impression is that my best option is to continue flipping crafting materials as best I can and try to start investing in more valuable things.

Overall I’m happy with my progress so far. Things should only become better as I gain more gold that I can invest into things. I will have to be very careful until that point.

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