PGB Week 4

Project Golden Bull Entry 4 Image

Project Golden Bull (or PGB) began on May 5th, 2016. The main purpose of PGB is to force myself to learn how to make gold on a new server and without my team of alts who are able to craft everything. Every week I post an update on my progress.

Week 4 Accounting Summary

Project Golden Bull Entry 4 Summary

Week 4 Progress

Level: 63

Gold: 18,680g (69% Increase

Estimated Auction Value: 69,234g (805% Increase

Estimated Net Worth: 91,435g (182% Increase

Flipping crafting material has been doing very well for me. Blackrock Ore and True Iron Ore are still my best selling items. I’ve been very upset with how many times Elder Surehide has been showing up at the Trading Post this week on my primary realm but it has worked out quite well for this project.

Last week I realized that I was starting to run out of things to buy. There is only so much ore that is cheap enough to be worth flipping at any given time, and I had hit a wall for a few days. And then I decided to step out of my comfort zone and enter a few markets that I have always avoided: Transmog and Recipes.

For the Transmog side of things I imported the TSM groups that Phat Lewtz has put together, you can find that here. For the Recipes I used the TSM group from Grahran’s WoW Gold, you can find that here. Then I took the shopping and auctioning operations from Phat Lewtz and applied it to both groups.

I have been scanning the Auction House a few times every day, buying what looks like a deal and attempting to sell it at higher value. This is why my Auction Value has increased so dramatically this week, because I bought many valuable items at a low price. I’ve already made some decent sales but most of it is still waiting on the Auction House.

I found, and bought, a few dozen different things so far. Some have sold, most have not. I have no doubt that I bought some items which will turn out to be a bad idea. That is the risk of using a TSM group put together by someone else. I don’t have the experience to make the most of it, but I can still put it to some use.

In time I will refine the groups and operations in a way that better suits my needs but for now it functions well enough. I have been able to find some nice deals by doing a quick shopping search, I haven’t even tried using it to snipe yet. I just have too much to do on my other characters and can’t spare the time.

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