PGB Week 7

Project Golden Bull (or PGB) began on May 5th, 2016. The main purpose of PGB is to force myself to learn how to make gold on a new server and without my team of alts who are able to craft everything. Every week I post an update on my progress.

Week 7 Accounting Summary

Project Golden Bull Entry 7 Summary

Week 7 Progress

Level: 68

Gold: 47,779g (52% Increase)

Estimated Auction Value: 135,594g (3% Increase)

Estimated Net Worth: 116,246g (5% Increase)

I have made it to Dalaran! I am slowly working my way up in the levels, when I get a chance. Lately I have been trying to get some dungeons in on my laptop while I sit in the living room.

In other news, this was a great week in sales. I managed to sell quite a few items that I had bought a few weeks earlier. No doubt the incoming transmog wardrobe helped out but I’m still very happy with this.

Blackrock Ore and True Iron Ore continue to sell constantly. It’s steady income and I am not going to complain. And while I make a solid amount of gold from selling simple things I can wait on the bigger things to go.

Top Sales

Best Deals

I have found these items through a combination of checking The Undermine Journal and searching the AH myself, using a combination of the TSM groups put together by Phat Lewtz (transmog) and Grahran (recipes). I have been slowly modifying these groups to suit the economy on my specific realm but the credit still goes to the original creators.


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