Preparing for Legion: One Final Thing

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In retrospect I should have put this out a few days ago. Can’t be helped though, so I’m putting this out there now. We only have one day until the Pre-Patch for Legion is released.

One. Day.

Or two, if you play on EU. Still, it isn’t very long.

The Great Purge

People are dumping items on the Auction House like crazy. Temporal Crystals and Raw Beast Hide are going for extremely low prices on some realms because people are desperate to get sales before these items become useless.

And we can use that to our advantage.

I haven’t been making gold for very long, less than 2 years. But I remember the end of Mists of Pandaria. I remember being absolutely positive that I needed to get whatever gold I could for my items before they became useless. I sold things at rock bottom prices, like everyone else. Can you guess what happened less than a week later?

Prices shot up further than they were before. And I couldn’t afford the Windwool Cloth that I needed to make my Royal Satchels.

This time I will be on the other side of events.

Eyes on the Prize

Today is the last day before the Pre-Patch. While I am excited for the Wardrobe feature it is not my main focus. At least, not yet.

Tomorrow, garrison missions will no longer reward gold.

This single change will be enough to drive most players out of Draenor forever. For most players there will be no reason to come back. They will spend the next few weeks finalizing bags for Legion, choosing professions for Legion and, when possible, leveling the new Demon Hunter for Legion.

All of the focus is on Legion.

Not mine.

Because those people choosing professions? Those people leveling Demon Hunters, who will need professions? They will want to level those professions, before Legion is released.

Which means they will need to use items from Warlords.

Those same items that are being sold dirt cheap right now.

Those same items that I am buying, in bulk.

In the last three days I have created 3 new guild banks for myself. The first was to hold all the items from opening up my salvage boxes. The second and third are to hold all the items that I have been buying, the items that people will use to power level their professions.

But why would those people buy them? Doesn’t the Trading Post offer these items “for free”?

Trading Post Inflation

Not quite. Because the cost of every item that can be bought at the Trading Post is having it’s price increased to 4 times what it is now. Right now items cost anywhere from 4 to 10 resources, depending on the trader. Tomorrow they will cost 16 to 40.

Preparing for Legion - One Last Thing - Trading PostNot everyone knows this. I have to constantly remind myself that the “average” player doesn’t read patch notes, doesn’t keep up to date on Wowhead, doesn’t know what is going to be changing.

Treasure Hunter followers are being changed into Extreme Scavenger, granting even more resources than the original Scavenger trait. Yes, the amount of resources we will be getting will offset the increased price. But there is something that I haven’t seen anybody mention yet: we are still capped at 10,000 resources.

And the rotation of traders is still random.

Today we can buy up to 2,500 of the cheapest item. Tomorrow we could only buy 625, max, per character. And you never know when the trader that you want will show up. We could be capped at 10,000 for a week or longer waiting for the right one to show up.

The average player does not have an army of alts. The average player will not be able to power level professions from their garrison, the cost is simply too high. So what options do they have?

Boost those professions now, with items bought off the AH, and be ready to hit the ground running in Legion. Most people will pick this.

Or wait until Legion, and boost professions with the even more expensive Legion materials. Some will do this, absolutely. But even the more casual of players understands that new things will be more expensive.

Timing is Everything

I could try to sell these things tomorrow. Prices will be up and I’ll make a nice profit off them. And I might sell a little bit, here and there. But it’s better to hold most of the inventory.

Until the Demon Hunters have been released.

Demon Hunters, getting ready for Legion, will have empty professions. I expect most to choose a combination of Skinning and Leatherworking, so stocking up on Raw Beast Hide is probably the best option. I can’t find any Raw Beast Hide for a low price on my server. I suspect that others have already beaten me to it. Which is fine, because I have a back-up plan.

Preparing for Legion - One Last Thing - No Professions

Besides those two professions, I suspect Enchanting will be a popular choice. Enchanting materials are always very expensive, well into the first raid tier. Demon Hunters can be Tanks. It’s common for Tanks to chain run Dungeons / LFR for the bag that is rewarded to roles that are in short supply. Some of these Tanks have a tendency to pick up Enchanting to maximize the rewards for each run.

On top of that, Demon Hunters have amazing mobility. The kind of mobility that makes clearing older raids much faster. It is very common for players who clear old raids to do so on a character with Enchanting, to maximize the rewards for each run.

And if all that wasn’t enough there is the fact that Enchanting has less reliance on Blood of Sargeras than any other profession except Alchemy or Inscription. This will make Enchanting a VERY popular profession for alts, because they will not need to invest as much time on that character to make a good profit.

Plus, with most of my realm seemingly focused on Raw Beast Hide, it leaves the Draenic Dust wide open for me to swoop in.

These four things combined make it far too attractive an option to pass up, at least for me. And if it fails? I will have plenty of Draenic Dust to power my Enchanter’s Study. In my (soon to be) 12 garrisons. And Temporal Crystals are going to be very popular because of the new Tome of Illusion: Draenor.

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