Project Golden Bull

Project Golden Bull Entries

Starting PGB

The whole idea behind Project Golden Bull was to see how well I could make gold on a new realm. This has too big implications to it. First, I would have to learn how items move through the Auction House on this new realm. Second, I would not have my army of alts crafting items for me to sell. Success, or failure, is determined by my ability to adapt to a completely different environment.

When I saw that Proving Grounds would no longer be required to queue for Heroic Dungeons in Legion I knew what I had to do. I needed to find a new guild where I could get to know the members and, eventually, be in a position to complete the new Heroic Dungeons with a premade team.

As luck would have it I quickly found a guild that sounded like a perfect fit. A group of friends had just decided to start new characters on a new realm and begin the process of leveling up. I made a new character, a Tauren Paladin named Sahah.

This is a new server for me. And the true mark of wealth is not how much gold you possess, it is how easily you are able to get more. I have earned quite a bit of gold on my primary server, I have proven that I can do it once. I should be able to do it again.

And as a result Project Golden Bull began.