Quick Updates

I was going to post this tomorrow, then I realized what day that was. Don’t want anyone to think I’m joking so I’m going to put this out a little early.

My family just moved. We packed up a U-Haul trailer and drove half way across the country. The house we were living in had some problems with it that the seller did not disclose. In fact, these problems were hidden with small “band-aid” solutions. It seems as though the intent was to make the house look decent long enough to get the sale through.

We were planning on moving sometime around mid August this year. We decided to speed things up quite a bit at the expense of leaving things behind. Friends and family in the area are helping clear out the rest of the furniture and such in exchange for being allowed to keep whatever they want. Not a bad deal, considering we didn’t have room for the 60″ TV. A U-Haul trailer can only hold so much.

Everything that we need was packed, and we are getting settled now. It feels like everyone is adjusted to the new timezone now. Kids waking up before 5:00 AM is not fun for anyone and I’m glad that it didn’t last long.

I’m on a laptop now. I need to find a spot to set up my computer. It will happen in time, it’s not the highest priority. In the meantime I need to reorganize a few things here and get a better plan for where I want this site to go and how I want to get there.

Keep that gold coming in. And I’ll see you next week.

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