Last updated: 5/12/2015

Below are a couple of resources I recommend and use to keep myself informed on a number of different topics.

– General Information –

WOWHEAD – A great site to find just about anything related to WoW. They have all kinds of guides, drop rates on items and the most current news from Blizzard. I really recommend either a bookmark or remember this website. It is really amazing what they have on it.

MMO-Champion – Another good site for staying up to date on the latest news. They also have a very active forum environment for asking questions. Well worth a look for the forums alone.

– Gold Making –

The Undermine Journal – An incredible source of pricing information for every single realm. The best thing about it is I can quickly scan the website and see if any of the current deals interest me without having to log into the game.

Trade Skill Master – I highly recommend getting the addon and the desktop application from this site. Even though I don’t take advantage of the powerful operations it is capable of I can still very easily see what I can sell something for.

WoWuction – Very similar information to what The Undermine Journal has. However, this site is able to be tied into the Trade Skill Master addon and very easily shows the average sale price of any item and, more importantly, the average number of that item sold daily.

Elvinelol – This is the personal site of Elvine, one of the richest players in WoW. He posts tips on how to make gold, has a forum dedicated to the same, and even has a link to his live stream on Twitch. I highly suggest asking him any questions you have.

The Gold Queen – Another very successful member of the community, she has been blogging for several years. Her website is full of tips of all sorts. I personally have been following her tips on how to make gold with glyphs and have started to see some real results.

– PVE Guides –

PreachGaming – An excellent player and former top raider, Preacher now creates video guides aimed at teaching others how to play any class or spec. I have linked to his YouTube profile because that is where I watch his videos at. He is also on Twitch, but because he is in the UK I often can’t watch him live.

Icy-Veins – A great source of written guides for every class and spec. Very useful for quickly looking up the stat priority of a new character I am gearing up. They also have very detailed raid strategies. You can often find posts in the forum suggesting tips and tricks various classes can do in certain fights.

BellularGaming – Covering a wide range of topics, Belluar uploads a video to YouTube every weekday. He covers current news about WoW, talks about the lore of the game and creates guides on a number of different topics.