Running Old Raids For Gold

Running Old Raids For Gold 4

Long overdue, I am working on getting a series of posts out detailing how profitable it can be by running old raids for gold. I am working on Cataclysm raids at the moment. My plan is to release a separate post for each individual raid so that I can add plenty of detail while keeping the actual post to a decent size.

Each post will include a link to a new page. This page will have a link to each raid post that has been published so far. It will have a list of all raids that I will be working on but the ones that I have not completed yet will not have an active link.

I will also be working on a rating system so that the raids can be ranked based on speed, difficulty and reward. All raids will be competed first on my Hunter, second on my Mage. I feel like this will give me a good grasp on the potential difficulty of the encounters.

A word of advice: use whatever gear with the Leech stat you have. Leech heals you for a percentage of the damage you do. When doing old content you do increased damage based on your level. The healing you can get from a high amount of leech can trivialize the majority of the fights.

Why Run Old Raids For Gold?

It’s no secret that it can be very profitable for newer players to run old raids for gold. While it is not the fastest way to get gold it is one of the easier methods for people new to the gold making scene. And as an added bonus some of the raid bosses may drop battle pets or even mounts. I do many of these raids at least once each week just to get the mounts, it’s nice to make some gold at the same time.

There is also the plus that any level 100 character should be able to handle most of these boss fights with just a minimal bit of research. Some bosses don’t even require that.

All raids will be run no 25H unless otherwise stated. Some bosses can also be tricky to beat solo, even at high item levels. I will mention these bosses specifically. Travel time will be calculated based on a flying skill of 300 (Artisan Riding) and using a Hearthstone set in either shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Current Release Schedule

Subject to change, but my plan at the moment is to publish the results from one raid every week. I am doing Cataclysm first because they are the highest level raids that can reasonably be completed by most players using any class.

  1. Blackwing Descent – February 1st
  2. Dragon Soul – February 8th
  3. Firelands – February 15th
  4. The Bastion of Twilight – February 22nd
  5. Throne of the Four Winds AND Baradin Hold – February 29th

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