Selling Sky Golems

I had wanted to write up a post detailing the Stonehide Leather shuffle that I had been using. But Blizzard recently nerfed this option, and it is no longer viable.

So, instead, I’m going to be talking about my favorite crafted mount:

Sky Golem

The average price of a Sky Golem during the end of WoD was about 25k each, with an average of 15k in profit. They are now regularly selling for over 100k each, with an average of 60k profit.


Taken when I first noticed the massive price increase, a few weeks ago.

Who wouldn’t want an easy 60,000g every month? That’s enough to afford a WoWToken every month on US realms and almost enough to afford one on EU realms. And all that from having just one Engineer.

Not only are the profit margins very generous, the mount is incredibly easy to craft. All you need to do is buy Ghost Iron Bar and Living Steel from the AH and remember to craft your Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source every day.

To save even more gold, and increase your profit margin, you can buy Trillium Bar and transmute them into Living Steel every day too. Really, this should only be done with a Transmutation Specialist.

And to save even more gold, you can buy Ghost Iron Ore, as well as Black Trillium Ore and White Trillium Ore, and smelt them into bars yourself.

But wait, there’s more!

If you have time to spare, why not head back to Halfhill? A pack of Snakeroot Seeds costs 30g, before factoring in reputation discounts. Harvesting a full pack worth of Snakeroot will yield a low average of 800g worth of ore. Just make sure you have a Miner to smelt it all for you, and keep in mind it will take 3 days to harvest a full bag.


The highest sale I have made yet. Average sales are around 120,000g.

Now I fully realize that the average player does not have as many characters as I do. I currently have two accounts with a total of 16 characters on Illidan US. Out of those 16 characters I have 10 with at least 600 in Engineering.

I can sell 10 Sky Golem each month. At a conservative estimate of 60k profit each, that’s over half a million gold every month. And all it takes is remembering to do daily cooldowns on these characters each day.

I may not be able to have an army of alts at 110 bringing in effortless gold through the Garrison, but as far as I’m concerned this is a fantastic alternative.

Have any extra characters sitting around in your Garrison, doing nothing while your main collects Artifact Power and ever increasing gear? Put them to use. Have them make gold for you.

Buy some Sumptuous Fur and True Iron Ore. Use it to power-level your Engineering by creating Goblin Glider Kit. In 20 minutes you can go from 1 to 600 and start searching for your Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal.

The best part is they don’t even need to be at level cap for this. The Sky Golem was released in Mists of Pandaria. It can be crafted as low as level 80, making it fairly realistic to quickly level a character for the sole purpose of crafting an additional Sky Golem.

WARNING: Don’t flood the market! Sell only one Sky Golem at a time, even if you create 6 on the same day. Don’t devalue your own auctions!


Found in one Pile of Herbs. Results may vary.

I already mentioned using Alchemy to transmute your own Living Steel. There is another good reason to pick up Alchemy, but this does require the character reach at least level 106.

Transmute: Cloth to Herbs is randomly learned when using Wild Transmutation. It creates a Pile of Herbs for only 10 x Shal’dorei Silk.

This Pile of Herbs can contain any herb from the Broken Isles, including Felwort. But even if you don’t get lucky enough to get that every time, getting a single Foxflower or Fjarnskaggl will allow you to break even on most realms. And you WILL get more than just that.

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