Enchanting in Legion

Enchanting in Legion 1

Looking at Enchanting in Legion: Enchanting took an interesting turn in Legion. They crafting system is very similar to that of Warlords of Dreanor, two different level of enchants for both cloaks and rings. It’s the neck and glove enchants that are most interesting. UPDATES Crafts can be separated into seven main categories: Cloak Enchantments Glove Enchantments Neck Enchantments Ring Enchantments Shoulder Enchantments Tomes […]

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Choosing Professions for Legion

UPDATE: 08/22/2016 Wowhead has released a detailed guide for each profession. It is definitely worth a read. http://www.wowhead.com/news=255270/legion-profession-and-reputation-guides Before I get into anything, I want to say one thing. I will only be talking about PRIMARY PROFESSIONS and how they will do during the BEGINNING of the expansion. Any and every character can have max Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid and […]

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