The Shadow of Patch 6.2

Earlier this week Blizzard announced the release date of patch 6.2. We will be able to explore Tanaan Jungle on June 23rd. Since this date has been revealed there have been more and more people trying to find was to prepare for the coming patch.

There are many other websites with tools and guides designed to help you understand how to prepare for patch 6.2. Although there isn’t much time left there are still things that you can do to get ready.


Flying in Draenor – If you are interested in unlocking flying this is something you should look at. Choose your realm and character and it will show you how close you are to being able to fly. Remember that you will also need to get the three factions of Tanaan Jungle to revered and this can’t be done until patch 6.2 is released.

You only need to gather 100 treasures in Draenor. You do not need to get the achievement for 200 treasures.

Preparing for 6.2 – A list of things that are changing and what you can do before it happens. There isn’t much time left so what you can do is limited, but it’s still a good idea to look over the list and do what you can to improve your position before the patch is released.

Raid Schedule – The plan for the opening of the new raid, Hellfire Citadel. If you raid only in LFR you will have to wait a total of 10 weeks before you will be able to fight the last boss and complete the raid.


Patch 6.2 Preparation – If you don’t know what changes are coming, or you do and just want to refresh your memory, Elvine put together a  helpful post on his site. I recommend you give it a look if knowing about professions in patch 6.2 interest you.

My Past Suggestions

I’ve written about patch 6.2 in the past. You can read it HERE and HERE. However, to save you time I will give a quick recap, as well as an update to what I have said before.

  • Maintain at least 300 Garrison Resources
  • Do NOT invest in Sorcerous Elements
  • Sell your Savage Blood now
  • Sell your Alchemical Catalyst now
  • Sell any Crafted Upgrades now
  • Hold on to Primal Spirits to buy Savage Blood
  • Hold on to ALL your Rush Orders
  • Gather the items needed for Rush Orders

I stand by these suggestions. They are still valid and a great way to prepare for the patch in regards to making gold. But there are other things going on in this patch and other things to mention. In particular I want to talk a little bit about Felblight.

Fishing for Felblight

If you have any interest in fishing this might be worth reading over. I spent about an hour total on the PTR running around Tanaan Jungle trying to find numbers and information about obtaining Felblight from Felmouth Frenzy Schools. First of all I have a picture of the places that I found the schools at.

Felmouth Frenzy Fishing Spots Small


  1. The safest place to fish, but you need to have either the Angler’s Fishing Raft or Bipsi’s Bopping Berg (Mage only), or another source of water walking. If you don’t have either of these I would rate this spot as number 3.
  2. A risky place to fish, you will have to navigate around the fel sludge of the citadel moat. It can kill you very quickly if you aren’t careful. However it has the highest concentration of pools to fish in. Note that this spot will be heavily fished while people wait for raids to start.
  3. Very close to the Alliance base. There is no equivalent for Horde. The downside for this is that there are fish in the water which will attack you and interrupt your fishing.
  4. This little pond is surrounded by elites. With an item level of 686 I was able to handle one by myself but they tend to group up. The water is full of the same fish as spot 3 and the center island is full of frogs who will also attack you. And just like spot 1 you really need a source of water walking for this spot to be worth it.

Why worry about fishing? For starters is one of four sources of Felblight. It’s also the least common method of gathering as many players find it too boring. This means it will probably have the least competition. As an added bonus you can get Felmouth Frenzy Lunker which you can use to buy items from Nat Pagle.

I am still working on getting an accurate set of numbers to report. I want to fish from these pools at least 200 times so I have enough data to make some estimated percentages from. I will be updating this page when I have these numbers and I will broadcast that update over Twitter. As a rough estimate it seems to be something around a 13% chance of Felblight and a 10% of Felmouth Frenzy Lunker from each cast into a pool.



  • In hindsight I must say that I *should* have invested in Sorcerous elements. It appears that while the craft-specific resources are now in abundance, the income of Sorcerous elements has barely increased. It has become the main limiting factor to me making essences.

  • That does seem to be the case. It looks like the increase in supply was able to balance with the increase in demand. Prices, for me at least, are right around what they were in patch 6.1. Meanwhile the price of everything else has gone down. In some cases significantly.

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