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Because it is the PTR pretty much everything on it is subject to change. As of now there have been a couple of big changes. I wanted to be sure to get this information out quickly so that people change modify their preparation plans as needed. I will also be updating my post Preparing for Patch 6.2 in order to reflect this new information. So without further ado, here is the latest update to patch 6.2.

Felblood is now Felblight

Originally the information we had said that we would be using Felblood in crafting the Mighty and Savage Essences as well as the new Immaculate Gems and that Felblood would be obtained from the Barn only. Felblood has been replaced with Felblight, possibly for lore reasons, and serves the same purpose as Felblood. But they way it is gathered is different.

It seems that there is a chance to obtain Felblight in Tanaan Jungle whenever doing on of the following:

Felblight Collected from Withered Herb

Felblight, randomly obtained when collecting pretty much anything in Tanaan Jungle.

  • Gather herbs using Herbalism
  • Gather ore using Mining
  • Gather leather using Skinning
  • Gather fish from the new “Felmouth Frenzy” fishing pools

Again, these methods will only have a chace of Felblight when you are in Tanaan Jungle. No other location will work.

This means than any character with at least level 1 fishing will be able to acquire Felblight without the need of the Barn. This also means that it might be worthwhile to dust off any character you still have with any of the three gathering professions and get them ready to enter Tanaan Jungle. I may even end up putting Herbalism and Mining back on my Paladin because of this.

Reduced Materials for Essences

This applies specifically to the “first” essence. The ones that upgrade an item from 640 – 655. They are still going to be used to upgrade armor, in increments of 15, from 640 to 685. But now the amount of materials required to make them has been reduced. By more than half.

Reduced Materials for Essences Example

The amount of War Paint needed is reduced from 150 to 70.

So now, not only are we getting twice as many Hexweave, for example, but we will also only need to spend half as much. This only applies to the first upgrade. The one we need to use three times on any new piece of crafted gear.

I know most people will probably be crafting the new Mighty and Savage upgrades, but this means that it will be extremely easy, and probably very cheap, to get any crafted item to 675/685.

With only a single scribe I would be able to create an average of 6 Weapon Crystals every week. And because Felblight has not been added to the Primal Spirit Vendor, and because it looks like it will not be coming from the Barn, then these two sources will continue to bring in Savage Blood. But even more than before. The price of these upgrades is about to crash, and if you have any left you should sell them.

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